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party on, david

David's birthday party was today. Remind me to never, ever again spend the day with dozens of kids under the age of five. It was a good party, though. Evidence:

[click each for bigger image]

My sister throws a nice, if extravagant, party. I'm sure the novelty of having a themed party with matching decorations, plates and cups, plus a clown and whatever else you can throw in will wear off soon. I know that after I threw my kids that Star Wars party for their 4th and 7th birthdays, I was all about giving Chuck E. Cheese 300 bucks to do the whole thing for me and just be done with it.

Now, Natalie informs me that she wants to take "ten of her closest friends" out for Japanese food for her birthday in February.

Right. Let me go rob a bank and I'll get back to you. Cake in the backyard is sounding better than ever. Even if it February.

Anyhow, one last happy birthday note to David: To infinity, and beyond!


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About pic bottom row 3rd from left

a bit more red in the face makeup and he would be perfectly camouflaged against that Overlook Hotel rug...

Oh, but the kids never get tired of themed parties. :D You should see the pictures of my Harry Potter cake on my 16th birthday!

Happy [belated] Birthday, David!

Oh. My. God. Your sister ROCKS. Look at those goodie boxes for the guests! God, our party for our 3 and 2-year-olds looks like bargain basement city compared to this show. Damn. I thought the banner and balloons covered it well enough. (Happy birthday, David!)

oh my kids parties are crazy these days, and the marketing for them is incredible. why didn't we figure out how to sell the crap, we'd be rich.

Happy Birthday, David! Rock on!!

Looks like a blast! I guess it's about time I brace myself for these, huh? ;-)

Take Natalie to a noodle shop. Do they still have Dosanko in NY? It's Japanese--and it's cheap

Or one of the Teriyaki stalls that mall food courst are currently crawling with--some of them even have 'sushi'

Just a thought. My evil children get occasional trips to Benihana's Infinite Sushi to keep them full of fish, but, at $20 a head, their friends can get their own...

As a parent of a soon-to-be 6 year old (the second time we've experienced birthday parties at this age), I must suggest serving alcohol for the parents.

That looks like one fun birthday party!

Ive always done the CC/Skating Rink/Peter Pipers parties for my girls... Peter Pipers was the best because it was cheap and they serve beer! ;)

My oldest is turning 7 in a few weeks and is insisting on a big at home party... oh boy, 20+ tweens! Remind me to take an extra pill that day!


Have a "roll your own sushi party."

Oh, and sushi doesn't have to be raw fish, you know... :) One shop in Vancouver had PB&J and hotdog with cheese "sushi."

You can just cut up or juilienne a bunch of raw carrots, pickles, green onion, leeks, avacado,
etc, and have bowls of various "california roll" fillings.

Get a bunch of cheap sushi mats (or better yet, bamboo placemats), have plenty of wasabi, pickled ginger and (yes) german mustard and soy sauce, boil up a couple of boxes of sushi rice, take it all into the back yard, on a dispsable plastic tablecloth, and let the fun begin.

If you have one of those turkey fryers, you could do tempura too. :)