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georgia on my mind

The Georgian President has resigned.

I'll let Mary tell you about it:

In front of the Parliament building, we bought a bottle of cognac and a few plastic cups, and started toasting—along with the rest of Georgia. We screamed, “Gau-mar-JOS!” (victory!) three times along with everyone else. The crowd was beautiful! One woman who heard us speaking English waved and blew kisses at us. Another man trotted out his one phrase, “Thank you very much!” I got to speak my few words of Georgian: "Good!" "beautiful!" "wonderful!" which, of course, brought down the house.

Here's a host of reactions from Georgia's neighbors.


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And the lead story is on Foxnews.com is.... Michael Jackson... I give up.

I'm not sure he should be forced to resign, but then again, he did rig the election, right? I know we were working with that government, but I think it's kind of hypocritical for us to support them. That's not democracy, it's corruption. (Although, yes, it's still probably better than anarchy.)

At least now we won't have to invade Georgia (though our troops have already been there, for awhile)... Or perhaps we will, some time in the future...

I went to school with Shevardnadze's grand-daughter, Sophie. Man was she a hottie...

wow! there just must be chaos in atlanta. how do you think this will affect the braves next year?