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The revolution will be blogged

Although the mainstream press is starting to report on the situation in Tblisi, Georgia, I still think it's not getting enough attention. Plus, the stories you are reading on CNN and Fox aren't telling the whole thing.

Mary, who lives in Tblisi, is blogging up front and personal. You can get the idea of what's happening from the news, but you get a better idea from someone who was standing right there.

For instance, CNN says that the defense minister announced that he has not been given orders to use force against the opposition. What you don't get from that story is why they aren't using force. I got this email from Mary this morning:

It's amazing how many people I don't know have written to make sure we are OK. I, too, am following the international media--believe it or not we have broadband here--and most of what I see is scaremongering. Clif is out in the crowd right now and reports that there are many soldiers, complete with uniforms and name tags, in the crowd with their children! So, no one feels unsafe, and the crowd has swelled to many tens of thousands. It reaches from the state museum almost to the opera house (in case you have a map) and all up behind Parliament. It's hard to convey how jubilant and peaceful the atmosphere is, and this in a country full of macho hotheads! Keep following the story. We are posting as often as we can.

It's hard to use force when your soldiers are joining the opposition, eh?

Keep reading Mary's blog and Cinderella Blogefeller for up to date news that you won't get anywhere else.

Never underestimate the importance of blogs.


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I wonder how the Russia-based blogs are covering this, because the Putin backed Shevardnadze's electoral "victory" earlier this month and may yet wind up backing him against the opposition.

What's interesting is that Mary will not get as much attention as the Baghdad fool, mainly because no American bashing will be involved.

Yeah, but... but... this CAN'T be as important as the Michael Jackson story, right?

Enough of Jackson. This is much more interesting. Have seen it on EuroNews and the local German channels.
Hopefully it ends peacefully. Though I have my doubts about how an old communist like Mr. Shevardnaze will bow out now that things have gone against his plan.

Somebody call Dvorak and invite him to the party. grins

The president has resigned.