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Ok, who's the wise ass that sent me a 10% off Amazon coupon for a John Dvorak book?


I think john did...heh
it is your pay-off...admit it Michele..he paid (suckered)you into linking to his post..admit it..damn it..admit it!!!!!!!!..

Gak. That's so rude.

Dvorak's entire career has been in being a naysayer and a critic. I don't know if this is still the case, but he used to write a column in PC World where he regularly trashed Windows and Microsoft and PCs, and wrote a regular column in Mac World at the same time that regularly trashed Apple and Macs.

I may have the names of the magazines wrong, but that was his whole schtick: pissing people off.

Sort of like Ted Rall, but not as evil.

I thought he used to write for Byte Magazine back in 1981 or so.

I guess I was wrong (according to his bio).

I put him in the same category as Jerry Pournelle. Neither one is about technology, but about being bitchy about technology.

I used to play the Jerry Pournelle Game. Read his column (in whatever PC magazine he wrote for) and see how long it takes you to find the word "alas". If you're good at scanning, you can find it in five seconds or less.

I read PC Magazine at work, and completely skip Dvorak's columns.

Waddn't me. But you do realize you're IN the book, don't you? Twice. Todd and I wrote the majority of the blogging chapter. Raising Hell is listed on page 375, and ASV is listed on page 388.

Well, damn. I had no idea.

"Dvorak's entire career has been in being a naysayer and a critic."

Maybe that is why he insists on pronouncing his name "duh VORE ack.