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if you read only one michael jackson blog post for the rest of your life, make it treacher's

Oh. My.


THAT was hysterical...

who would've even THOUGHT to compare those two...?

must be a treacher-thing :)

HA! That's just wrong on so many levels.

Thank God Treacher is back to blogging regularly again.

Actually, I think the Gawker's theory is much more convincing, or my own. (See more images here. He could be the Tin Man!)

Has everybody forgotten The Wiz? "Ease on down, ease on down my hidden staircase..." Anyway, Kitty's Jacko post is good too. I asked where she met him, and it was when she was 11 and he was coming out of the Peter Pan Flight ride(!) with a bunch of bodyguards and a little blond boy(!!). She shook the glove.

At Disneyland, I forgot to mention.

No wonder the Scarecrow was stationioned right outside of Munchkin Land....

Michael Jackson is being framed in my opinion! Why hasn't anyone started to take a serious look at the white devil who calls himself the D.A. of Santa Barbara County? Did you see the news conference where he made fun of Michael? Is this supposed to be a fair man? I piss on the justice system the way that Michael is being treated. That white devil of a D.A. is the real bad guy in this picture. Michael is a great entertainer and a wonderful friend to children around the world.

Plus he likes to fuck them.