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full disclosure (re: comics attack)

About the comics post below:

I made a bet with a (non-blogging) friend about the story. He said I would get more comments from people outraged that I said Johnny Hart isn't funny. I said I would get more people commenting that CAIR can suck their whatever.

I should have put five bucks on comments dealing with the design of outhouses.

So, anyhow. I really have no take on the comic except it's just humorless.

[But the comment about Hart saying nasty things about Jews is true.]


I still can't believe that anyone actually does think Johnny Hart is funny.
Maybe it's some sort of highly advanced remote hypnosis...

The Atrios thread on this is hilarious. Trolling really can be an artform.

I was trying to think of a variation on the same gag. Let's say the guy walked into a cave*, waited a panel, and then said "Is it just me, or is it dark in here?" Same concept. One of the more level-headed Atrios posters pointed out the Far Side strip with the two guys sitting around in Hell with the flames and the demons with pitchforks and whatnot, and one guy whispers to the other: "I hate this place." Strip away the humorous elements, and it becomes a Johnny Hart cartoon.

*Although I guess that could be construed as anti-Muslim too...

yknow whats even funnier about the whole mess?

A moon on an outhouse door traditionally meant it was a women's outhouse (in cases where there might have been two, like for churches, servants, hotels, etc.).