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dear john

Dear John Dvorak,

You better hope that the blog revolution doesn't bite the dust. I mean, if you didn't have blogs to kick around, you'd have to find another medium to shit on once a month.

Thank you,

[And to all you bloggers out there who aren't professional writers by day: John thinks we are all suckers who have been coerced into blogging by the big guns just so we can link back to them.]


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Actually, Glenn sends me a small check once a month. What about you, Michele? Huh? Huh?

Small checks? You call two grand a month small?

Damn. Glenn owes me big time. Don't tell me that Lileks is paying you guys, too.

He already has it - it's called Apple Computers, his perennial "I don't get technology that works" whipping boy.

Excuse me...this is the same dork that wrote a book on the subject??

Talk about biting the hand that feeds him.

Eh, he pretty much went on this rant at Gnomedex too. The audience pretty much did the nod and smile routine.

"Writing is tiresome. Why anyone would do it voluntarily on a blog mystifies a lot of professional writers."

This Dvorak character is clearly a charlatan and a hack.

"It is a lie to write in such a way as to be rewarded by money in the commercial market.

"It is a lie to write in such a way as to be rewarded by fame offered you by some snobbish quasi-literary group in the intellectual gazettes."

-Ray Bradbury,
"Zen in the Art of Writing"

What? This isn't the next generation of Go.Com after all?

Heaven forbid!

What about those of us who were charting our travels around the web or merely commenting or journalling, long before all these were slapped with the blogging label?

The "Writing is tiresome..." statement puzzles me. I like writing, even when I get stuck or bored. I mean, if I didn't, I wouldn't have persisted for the last 20 odd years, and neither would the professionals he cites.

As a professional write for an IBM technology magazine, I sincerely apologize for making all of you blog.

And, in addition to being a "write," I'm also a "writer." Lousy lazy "r" finger.

It's amusing that people keep citing the Perseus study when, from what I read, they didn't take into account blogs on private domains (like ummm....this one!)

If I shell out the money for a domain & hosting, doesn't it seem more likely that I'll keep it up? I believe it's called vested interest.

(If I'm wrong about the study, please don't call me bad names)

You think writing's hard? Try using his freakin' keyboard!

I stopped reading anything by Dvorak since that PC Magazine column a few years back, the one where he called for the nationalization of Microsoft. He's a troll.

Damn, the big guys are paying? And I've been giving links away like a sucker...

dvorak is such a trolling cock gobbler. he has been dissing weblogs since they first became popular, all you have to do is google them together to find his retarded blithering on the subject.

in reality, he will continue to discredit weblogs because he realizes that there is a wealth of untapped writing talent that can easily and may already be putting his fat, 20th century ass out of a job (gizmodo, for starters).

Ah... I was wondering what John was doing since TechTV cancelled his show.

I'm not sure whether "vested interest" or "wishful thinking" would be the better comment.

But clearly, since he's suffering so from the chores that pay his rent, perhaps he needs to consider something more personally rewarding.

I'd say "Futurist" is right out as an option, though.

I rather like Dvorak. Seems like a very intellectual person to me..perhaps a bit if an introvert. I really liked Big Thinkers when it was on ZDTV/TechTV. I have a cat and a blog...do I care that he makes fun...heck no. I rather enjoyed his presentation at Gnomedex. He was the one person that I was able to listen to without thinking "Don't fall asleep" because he kept things interesting. However, I won't say there was a lot of content i that particular spot. As for being a troll, hey...sometimes that's fine. It tends to get people thinking...or in the case of many I've seen who dislike him, they close their minds. You don't have to agree with everything he says, but at least listen and take it for what it's worth.

DEREK...YOU rock!!! I Agree!!

I found your site while searching on Yahoo for examples of blogs. I am trying to start my own and I'm trying to learn how this works.