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psa, shouts out, etc.

A couple of things before I cut this day short and head out of here. It's gorgeous outside and I think I'm the only one in the building. Too quiet. Head home. I like noise.

So, first shout out to my attorney friend Faith, who worked very hard and very long on a case that her firm won. When the New York Law Journal was delivered to my desk today, there it was on the front page. Way to go, Faith.

Next: I woke up today intending to write about the news and how they put so many hard news items on the back burner in lieu of MJ, Kobe and Scott Peterson. But I wrote the Christmas thing instead. That's ok, because Jonathan wrote what I wanted to write, but he said it much better than I would have.

Next: In my post about Salam (and Treacher came up with a much wittier title than I did), someone mentions in the comments that there are plenty of other Iraqi blogs thart are far more interesting than Salam's. And they are right. Some of them are even on my blogroll. The rest will join them. There's a list of them at Healing Iraq. Go check them out, if you haven't already.

The next item is for some anonymous people. No matter what Google or Yahoo tells you, I do not have pictures of the Kennedy assasination. Nor will I sell you my Fight Club lunch box. And no, I don't know when the Cartoon Network will add the Venture Brothers to their regular lineup.

Addendum 1: I have been remiss in not mentioning that Dodd is celebrating the annniversary of his most excellent blog.

Addendum 2: Go tell Bill that something bad will happen to him if he discontinues his Friday posts dedicated to me.

I think that's it. Add your own psa if you got one. With our without guitars.


Aw! Thanks!!!! :)

Thanks, michele. I don't know if the blog is "excellent," but it's allowed me to get to know some most excellent people, yourself most definitely included.