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attention white people

You may no longer use the phrase fo shizzle my nizzle!

You must now use alrighty, my whitey!


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Sho 'Nuff

It would probably be a good idea to use neither here in Northeast Texas.

Or you could use:
brother from another mother

What about us Filipinos? Yup yup, coconut?

Word to your mother.

Okayby Baby

Shonkie honkie?

For the Jew:

Alrighty, alschmighty.

Awlrizzle, my whizzle.

Well that's not fair Michele. I only found out what shizzle and nizzle meant a couple of weeks ago. (I'm a little behind the curve).

JohnO is a couple of weeks ahead of me.

Didn't use it to begin with.

I HATE Snoop Dogg.