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robert plant sings your love poems

Thanks to Joe, I've been playing around with this thing all night.

What it does it takes the words you type in and converts them into song, with each word taking from a different song. Use the word "love" and you get Robert Plant singing it. Use the word "I" and Chris Isaak croons to you. So the idea is to make a sentence and get a whole bunch of famous people to sing the words for you.

You can start with this one I made. The challenge I like about this is trying to figure out who is singing each word. I got almost all of the words from my example.

Go ahead, play with it. Make some good sentences and see if we can't all figure out who the artists are. (You can get the link by emailing to "song" to yourself using the form on the site).

Yes, just another time waster.


Presenting....A Small Victory: The Musical!