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getting medieval on the pharmacist's ass

So what have I been doing with my time? Well, I just spent a half hour at the drugstore. The scenario went something like this:

I'd like to pick up my prescription. (I give her my name, she hands me the prescription).
Uhh...this is wrong. They were supposed to call in the Paxil, not Wellbutrin.
But you take Wellbutrin, right?
You can take these, then.
But I need my Paxil.
Ok, the doctor's office screwed up. We'll call them tomorrow.
There is no tomorrow. I need my Paxil for the morning. I am all out.
(She confers with pharmacist. Pharmacist comes out to greet me)
Won't you need these Wellbutrin eventually?
Yes, but that's not the point. I need my Paxil.
(She calls my Dr.'s office. Dr. isn't in, she speaks to "some lady")
They said you're allergic to Paxil. You're not supposed to take it.
No. I am allergic to Wellbutrin.
The doctor says Paxil.
I think I know which med gave me hives. I've been taking Paxil for over a year. I'm not allergic to it.
Well, the lady said not to give you Paxil.
The lady doesn't know anything worth knowing. Give. Me. My. Paxil.
No can do. The woman said to stop taking it.
You can't just stop taking Paxil. It's just not allowed.
At this point, I've had enough. I pull out my machine gun and order everyone to the floor.
Any of you fuckin' pricks move and I'll execute every one of you motherfuckers! Nobody moves.
Now give me my Paxil. A lifetime supply! And umm...one of those orange marshmallow turkeys. Oooh, and some of that Burt's hand lotion. And chapstick, I definitely need chapstick. And..no, no need for condoms. Some of that herbal tea. That's right, just put everything in the bag and no one gets hurt. And don't forget the orange marshmallow turkeys!

Well, that's not exactly how it went, but I did walk out of there with a full prescription of Paxil.


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Idiots, this isn't a narcotic we're talking about. It's not like Tricor where you're not gonna risk a stroke in the next week because you missed a couple of days of pills...

This is why my doctor gave me a couple of samples of Effexor "just in case" (I keep one in my wife's SUV just in case I forget to pack my meds when we go to visit relatives. You should ask your doctor for the same, Michele.

BTW, ya gotta be channeling Lileks or Dave Barry... LMAO

I was actually channeling Quentin Tarantino at one point.

I hate picking up prescriptions. I swear they must deliberately hire the mentally impared to work behind the counters of at least two thirds of the drugstores out there.

Haven't had problems with with WallGreen's, other than having to wait for delivery occasionally.

What happens when you suddenly stop taking Wellbutrin? I think I lose my coverage soon.

Once, when I had bronchitus I made the mistake of going to the pharmacy close to the doctors office rather than my usual one closer to home. I walked in with my 'scrip, handed it to the guy, and waited, I waited for over 45 minutes, and I was the ONLY person in the store the whole time. When I asked what was taking so freeking long, since I could hardly stand at this point (there were no chairs and I didn't want to sit on the floor) I was told that Heart patients had called in their refills ahead of me and I could just wait. Huh, people who *know they are going to get refills generally get them at least a day in advance, but a sick person walks in, and they can wait. I told him to give me the damned thing back and I went to my regular pharmacy, and had the pills in 10 minutes.

Aaron: Not sure what dosage you are at, but for myself, when I stopped taking Welbutrin, it was time to say hello to headaches and nausea, which seems to be a common withdrawl for a lot of those medicines.
But beware if you are taking Resperidal. When I stopped taking that stuff I got headaches, and my teeth hurt like hell! It was like I had major root depth decay in at least four of them (in healthy teeth mind you.)

As for phramacies, I preffer an online, through-the-mail type group we get my meds from.. just make sure ya send in for refils a month before you need them. They take forever to process the requests.

I ran out of my Wellbutrin about 2 weeks ago. I am taking SR150 once a day. I used to be on twice a day but my dreams were so vivid, I was getting no rest. Anyway, the first 2 days weren't bad, but the good ol mood swings and irritability came back about day 3 and I started smoking again. I'm back on my meds and much more stable.

The worst withdrawals I had was getting off of neurontin. I had random muscle spasms. Not at seizure level or anything, just every few minutes a different muscle would contract and scream out in pain. Very Bad.

Getting on Paxil was hell. For over a month, I played "side effect of the day". Weird ones, like "all my teeth hurt" day. Then, almost overnight, I stabilized on it. When it finally quit working for me, they switched me directly from Paxil to Lexapro. No side effects that time, just a blessed return of effectiveness.

Sounds like it must have been a CVS.

heh. gotta love the accountability battle between doctors and pharmacies. last time i filled my regular prescription, the pharmacy had no prescriptions in my name. instead, they had my medicine in my mom's name. so they wouldn't let me pay for it with my insurance, obviously. of course, by this hour, the doctors office was closed, and i was out of my medicine and really wanted it. they called the dr the next day who denied calling in the wrong name, but when i went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription the next day, the pharmacist who knows me let me listen to the message the doctor left about the medicine and it was indeed, my moms name.

paxil is absolute hell to withdraw from. i wanted to die. i was even weaning off of it slowly, but the 'shocks' every 2 seconds, and just general feeling like you were hit by a truck, just isn't worth it.

I tried paxil a couple times. Once of few years ago, and once recently (before trying wellbutrin). I hated Paxil, it made things worse (I took them both for anxiety, not depression). With Paxil, I couldn't consentrate and didn't care about the things I wanted to deal with which made me anxious. I think Wellbutrin XR is contributing to my insomnia; and, I think that this XR stuff is bull$#!+ in general. I'm alright, but I could use a quick fix now and then. I hate the idea of stablizing. To me, it makes more sense to just smoothe the edges. I need to see if I can get a script for a massage and quit all this anti-depressant/axiety stuff.

Commercial medicine is based on statistic. It's all about the average person. But in stats you learn that there is no average person, he's just a composite of everyone, who may be far from average. Today in medicine, the way I see it is that you need to figure everything out for yourself, then find a doctor to make everything official.

Well. Isee the modern miracle cure of meds works its wonders again. Do you know, between "stabilizing", "Side effects", "withdrawal" this thread sounds more like a group of addicts trying to get a fix whilst ignoring the real underlying problems.

Sorry thats a bit rough, but man, read through these posts objectively, and you get a scary vision of pharmaceutical company fiscal balance sheets.

umm I just want to say that I know it's hard going through the red tape at the pharmacy, but you shouldn't say anything till your on the other side. Pharmacists and techs are not "mentally impared" as Miss Harris claims. You have to go through 6 year of schooling before u become that "impaired". And many of these pharmacies fill over 500 to 700 prescriptions a day, and they do it right. I would like to know of those of who work, how many times you can do the same thing over and over again AND do it right AND know that this is someone's life/meds on the line. Please give credit where its due and dont be so quick to judge.

This message is for the one who suffered the "Paxil incident"
I think that you should try out pharmacy school first before you go off on a mindless tangent! It's a major nightmare...and when you finially get through it and become a pharmacist, you have be nice to a million different screaming morons like yourself who don't seem to have the common sense to notice that they are out of pills until the weekend when their doctor is NOT in the office and doesn't return the pharmacist's phone calls. Hello...you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that your doctor may not be around at 10pm on a Saturday night! Plus, let me tell you, it isn't fun to work weekends, holidays, 12+ hour shifts, not get a lunch break, and not be able to take a bathroom break until you get out of the store! And by the way, I'd like to ask you how long you have to wait at the doctor's office when you go to see them? Please remind yourself also that you made an appointment and you still have to "rot out" in a chair waiting to see the doctor. There is no appointment at a pharmacy and so everyone has to wait so that the pharmacist checks the drug, dosage, amount, and above all makes sure that it doesn't interact with anything else you are taking. And then to top that off, you have process a million different insurance plans, (which people who have them don't even understand because they don't read the paperwork that the insurance company sends to them). I DARE YOU to try to get through pharmacy school, you wouldn't even make it through the first semester punk! And by the way not all pharmacists are like that. I do everything I can to help out my patients, and they appreciate my service. I will give you credit on one note though, the pharmacist you delt with should've known that you must taper off of Paxil. However, you still need to know that it is "illegal" to give out any prescription drugs without a valid prescription, so if the doctor's office wouldn't ok the medicine, then that is technically THE FAULT OF YOUR DOCTOR'S OFFICE (so why don't you go get "medieval" with that lady at the doctor's office instead of the pharmacist)! I'm sick of pharmacists taking the blame for something that is not their fault!! Stop crying, you obviously harassed the pharmacist enough to walk out of the store with your medicine (probably illegally). Shut up and wait your turn. I bet you wait to be seated when you go out to dinner with no complaining to the hostess...maybe next time you should scream at them too when they tell you the wait time at Denny's!