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ice and follies

I was supposed to go to see Monsters, Inc. on Ice with my nephew tonight for his birthday. Unfortunately, the hives and itchies are back in full force. So my husband took my ticket, my two kids and went to the show with David and his mommy and daddy. I owe him for this.

I am alone. In my house. Alone. This never, ever happens. I don't know what to do first - dance around the living room to my 80's new wave collection, play Simpsons Hit and Run for a couple of hours and watch an endless parade of Michael Jackson stories on tv.

Speaking of which, I told you they were going to go all OJ on us:

[click for bigger image]


You owe it to yourself to not spend an evening getting angry; therefore, do NOT watch any Michael Jackson coverage.


Throw in The Cure.....pour yourself a drink.

I just rented Simpson's hit and run.


When you were alone did you use your finger or a dildo? Or both?