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caption/photoshop please


[photo via Mikey]


Artoo, I'm doomed!

Looks like the Joan Rivers voiced droid from Space Balls.

George Bush plays lead on "Whole Lotta Love" during a Led Zeppelin tribute show.

Hm. A gold leaf-covered Gene Simmons circa 1988 playing one of his famous "first strike" missile-bass guitars. Cool.

I need the guys name that did that, I want to know who NOT to call to do a statue for me...

That could be anybody! What a joke!

I dunno, is anybody else getting a little bit hot from that?

British protesters mistakenly topple the Heismann Trophy

and now, here's my imitation of Ron Jeremy!


Rob Smith demonstrates his new "apparatus".

"War protestors today sprayed grafitti on the large gold statue in front of Enzyte's corporate headquarters"

"Is that an ICBM in your hand or are you just glad to see me"

Yeah, I know, really weak, but other posters beat me to all the good ones.

BTW, why am I thinking about that awfulmovie "Spaceballs" right now?


That would make a good poll:
Worst and/or best Mel Brooks film.

beebeeb! beebeeb!

It reminds me of a twisted version of the stupid robot from the 70's "Battlestar Galactica" tv show. I know, obscure, but at least it's timely with SciFi releasing a new version of the show...

It also kinda looks like the Anti-Oscar. Now there's an award Michael Moore-on actually deserves. And what's with the damn shoulder pads? Who's his tailor, freakin' Tammy Faye Bakker?

I must admit that at first blush, I thought it was a statue of Michael Jackson.



You sure you don't mean the stupid robot in "Buck Rogers"? Although, you're right that it kind of looks like the "by your command" android in "Battlestar Galactica".

/old geek references

Refusing to be taken alive, Michael Jackson adorned one of his favorite outfits and prepared to go on the offensive against the scores of lawmen congregating around the Neverland ranch...

Damn, I just noticed that David beat me to the punch. :-(

you want geek?

ok, Twiki was the robot from Buck Rogers. he was short, though, so he couldn't possibly have a rod that long.

the Cylons were from Battlestar Galactica, but they were silver (I think there was ONE gold one, to denote command status on "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero", but my memory's kinda fuzzy on that). now, you could be talking about Lucifer, who was 2nd in command to Baltar, but he had lights in his head, so this statue doesn't look anything like him.

now that I think about it, there was one Buck Rogers episode where Twiki had a "girlfriend" who, instead of saying "biddi biddi biddi", she'd say "booty booty booty". and i must kill myself now.

Twiki the robot was just a walking stand for a all-knowing, disk-shaped talking computer named "Doc", wasn't he?

I can't believe I have broken blog silence to talk about this.


No, Doc was an LED embedded relish tray.

By the way, didn't Battlestar Galactica have a robotic dog that wasn't entirely un-Twiki-like.

You guys are scaring me.

Fans in Santa Barbara erected a new statue of Michael Jackson today...

And Boxey's robotic dog was Muffit. He was a lot less irritating than Twiki.

Isn't this the final scene from the Italian movie Diabolik?

The Viagra comment-spammers move into other media was not entirely successful.

Wait a sec... his name was Twiki? I always is thought it was Twiggy, a reincarnation of the '60s model, the original waif. Didn't she say biddi, biddi, too?. She seemed to have gained some weight during her cameo on the "Blues Brothers", but maybe she had her head cryogenically saved so that her brain could be used for a robot in the 23rd century.

(I've got to stop drinking so early)

Star Trek fans are trekkies or trekkers. Is there a comparable term for Battlestar Galactica aficionados (besides losers)?

It couldn't be Michael Jackson.

His rocket ain't that big.

"And the Academy Award for best POTUS in a war a terror. . . the envelope please. . ."

"...I can see your Schwarz is as big as mine."

(Speaking of Spaceballs...)

That's the shittiest effigy EVER.

It looks like it should be displayed on screen while the voice-over intones "Today on Mystery Science Theater 3000..."

Ok, Ryan wins.

Why do you have a tattoo that says "fire"? When I'm happy it says "first strike".

I am humbled by your superior knowledge. I must admit that during the ninth and tenth grades, when Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica came out, I was more interested in girls and "Columbian Gold", which was dispensed at the rate of a dollar a joint by my connection Dave.

Not that I'm making excuses or anything...

BTW: Thanks for firmly implanting the image of that smug actor who played Buck Rogers in my head. The girl was kinda cute, though...

/juvenile delinquency

Scott H, You are killing me! That reminds me of a joke...

(quick google search on "joke penis wendy tattoo"):

Here's the hURL: http://terhune.net/jokes/ser0018.html

Here's the joke:

A man walks into a toilet and starts to use the urinal. As he stands
there, he happens to notice that the black man next to him has something
tattooed onto his penis.
'Hey - I've got WENDY tattoed on my penis too.', says the man.
The black man turns to look at him and says, 'Naw, man mine says


Apologies to all decent people, but that joke brought back long forgotten adolescent memories...

MST3K made waking up hungover on Saturday morning a pleasureable thing to do. Now I get depressed just thinking about it. Those herpes-infected little ****s at Sci-Fi channel canceled the show a couple of years ago, and have been rerunning the same six episodes over and over since then. These same geniuses also removed "Farscape", reasoning that instead of watching Claudia Black or Gigi Edgely, that we would be much more satisfied with "Tremors, the Series".

I hope, if there is such thing as Hell, that sitting in a bare room watching those same six episodes for the rest of Time will be the fate of whoever it was who had the responsibility for this.

Oh, right, a caption....

"In a moving and solemn ceremony attended by thousands in Trafalgar Square this evening, the Tomb of the Unknown Porn Stud, representing all those nameless performers who gave everything they had to entertain the world's degenerates over the years, who so selflessly degraded themselves in countless French Postcards, Tijuana Bibles, "artists" magazines, decks of dirty playing cards, and badly-lit 8mm stag reels, was erected as the Queen and President Bush of the United States looked on. The President wore black socks for the occasion."

I thought there were supposed to be art students among the protesting throngs -- what an indictment of their skillset, if so.

And, Floyd -- for it to properly be the last scene from Diabolik, the statue should be winking and look much more handsome...

Sheesh - take an art class, buddy. There were much better effigies of LBJ back in '68.

The people of Earth were stunned when Klaatu brought forth the "First Strike" 3-speed "marital aid."

"I like gold."

"I changed my mind. I am going to send a $1,000,000 missile into an empty tent to hit a camel in the ass. After all, who knows what else might be there."

"...But Doktor! Zat means he must haf und enormous Shvannschtooker !!

"Well....yes. That goes without saying..."


Gee... what size batteries does that "facial massager" take?