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thursday edition of "presented without commentary"

Words from a protester:

"We really want to stop Bush and Blair from going around killing babies," she said. "Our objective is to force the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan."

But what if a U.S. withdrawal means the return of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein?

"Anything would be better than American Imperialist rule," she snapped back.


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Maybe she should be shipped out and have to tell that to the Iraqis personally.

The plethera of complete stupidity in this world just amazes me. How the hell has the human race progressed to this point with morons like this abounding?

Ok, whatever mild positive things I may have said in defense of any protesters in the past ... please consider this imbecile an exception from them, ok?


Apparently a village somewhere is missing their idiot.

Women are not allowed to speak in public under Sharia law. They are not allowed to have clear glass in their windows because some man might happen to glance inside and see them without their veil. This would, of course, force the man to rape her and then she would have to be killed to protect her families honor because she so carelessly forced that poor man to rape her by revealing her face.

And this stupid women protestor thinks that is great! Too bad we cannot ship her to Saudi Arabia where she can be monitored by the Vice Squads.

It makes sense. The dream of a global Marxist worker's utopia cannot be achieved until American hegemony is broken. This is where the extreme left and Islamofascism are in total agreement: America is the Great Satan. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

I'd like to know where the feminists are when it comes to all of this. They're only worried about the "glass ceiling", but to hell with women who brutally raped or even murdered just because some perversion of a religion deems it right. Doesn't bother them I guess...

I can't talk to these people. Their viewpoint is so alien that there's no common frame of reference.

It's like they're speaking French.

The protester then paused to groom her armpit hair.

Take a look at who was behind the protests... Communists, Trotskyites, Maoists, and Castroists. Three others belong to the radical wing of the Labour party. There are also eight radical Islamists. The remaining four are leftist ecologists known as "Watermelons"


You wont hear this on your nightly news, wonder why?!?

Today's edition of "be careful what you ask for"

Remember saying you wished you knew how the protesters thought?

Well now you know.

Aren't you sorry you asked?

Wel, now, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. It may be that she's protesting only the manner in which she assumes Bush is killing babies. I'm certain - and you can bet the farm on this - that if Bush were to change from strangling babies in their cribs or something, like he apparently does now, and instead adopts a ritual of wrapping babies in pipe-bomb blankets and killing jews with them, why, call me crazy, but I do believe he'd begin winning over his current Indymedia critics.

In the Old Testament, Proverbs says you can not beat sense into a fool..

Can we at least try?

This from a Brit?

This twit deserves to eat black pudding and drink warm beer.

Hmmm ... and yet during the 1942 Blitz an American occupying force didn't seem such a bad idea ... funny, that.

Um what the bloody hell is wrong with black pudding and warm beer?

That stupid cow probably drinks bat-piss lager or bargain basement cider before going out to protest. The incoherence of most of them interviewed yesterday was rather amusing.

"But what if a U.S. withdrawal means the return of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein?
"Anything would be better than American Imperialist rule," she snapped back."

The mind boggles. That one took an overdose of her stupidity pills today, didn't she?

Okay, okay, so she's an idiot... yeah, we can all easily recognize that. Think of it this way, which is the GREATER of two evils, people who say stuff like her, or people who say it's a damn good thing we invaded Iraq because otherwise they would have dropped all those atomic bombs we found hidden there on us? Oh yeah, the entire country is terrorist too.


See, it's not so bad, is it?

Yeah - it's just as stupid as this:

Anyone who needs me to EXPLAIN why this is too fucking stupid for words... click here.

You see, I happen to believe that while there are indeed infinite shades of grey, there is also right and wrong, incorrect and correct, pretty damn insightful and too fucking stupid for words.

Sometimes those come from within the same group.

And certainly nobody should get a free pass from a cluebyfouring just because they match your own idiology. Hell, if anything, that's a reason to swing EXTRA hard.

Jeez, does anyone remember those clueless trogs dynamiting those Buddist statues, or smugly telling the international community that they were using the internationally-funded soccer field for executions because the international community had refused to pay for a PROPER execution venue?

My ONLY objection to the war in Afganastan is that we were too fucking tentative about it. Without saying anything against Isalm in any form, the talaban - a living insult to anything associated with anyone resembling God - should have been completely eradicated by now, and a real civilization should have been imported.

Or maybe we could have made do with ours as a stopgap... :^)