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draw your own conclusions

Michael Jackson's new single (One More Chance) was written by R. Kelly.


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No! Stop it!..bwhahaha

Par for the course. Now if they can only get together and write the score for the next Roman Polanski remake of LOLITA.

Or the biography of Jeffrey Dahmer: "Eat It" (with apologies to Weird Al Yankovic)


With apologies to Arlo Guthrie...if you've got two people, it's a movement.

Our mothers' wisdom proves true once again: birds of a feather do flock together. Go figure. Thanks, Mom.

Jack, anyone who's been around newborns can tell you Arlo was wrong -- it only takes one to make a movement.

I'll go stand in my corner now.

Well "Fingers" jackson does not help himself much. After all, didn't he admit that he frequently slept with his "guests" at Neverland?

wait... does this mean that jackson was into watersports too?