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Flaccid Penises For Peace!


Or this, from my blog on Monday.

This has absolutely nothing to do with flaccid penises (horrors), but I wanted to let you know that Marc Summers is on the Sean Hannity show apologizing for being so rude to Sean.

Wouldn't that be "peni", or am I just trying to sound smarter than I really am?

Mr Texan - that would be apologizing 'profusely' for his behavior earlier this week. And Sean graciously accepted it.

Still don't like Hannity but in this case Sumners was way out of line.

Wha? I thought it was Hannity who was being rude to Summers...

Me too, Steve. At least that's how it sounded to me.

Ha! That has to be one of the best doofy protest photos (and captions) I've seen so far. Thanks for brightening up a dreary day.

Don't mock flaccid penes (proper Latin plural). It can happen to the (male) best of us. That is, not that the males are innately "best," but that even the best of males can have difficulties of longer or shorter duration....

<sotto voce>

Thank you for sharing that with us, Hatcher.

</sotto voce>

Where is that duct tape and the yard stick? And Chuck, that "woman" definitely needed a shave and a bath! Never mind that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.

Obviously the hippy totty was not good enough to make the "weapon" stand up to attention.


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