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it stinks!


The entire series, on DVD. January 27th. I am so there.


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"Penguins can't fly! PENGUINS CAN'T FLY!!!!"

"You understand the silverware? Cookoo!"

"We're the bears that sing for Duke! Doo-dah, doo-dah!"

Believe it or not I've never watched this show. Am I missing out? I've never really heard anyone even talk about it.

Joe, they're all freaks here. Don't try to understand them.

Take that, Guernica!

It stinks!

I'm not wearing any pants!

"White, except for the gloves."

Hotchy-Motchy! Pound for pound, probably the 2nd funniest TV show ever. Seinfeld is first, natch.

Production Assistant: "The spastic colon people are calling to complain..."

Duke: "Can't they hold? (pause) They can't? Oh..."


(I used to watch Quick-Draw McGraw as a kid, and even I didn't catch the reference when I first saw it on The Critic)

"Here's a clip from the FOX version."

"It's a giant horse's ass! You're watching FOX!"

"I was being diplomatic. We're diplomats."

"Plot? Plot. What a funny word. Plot. Plot plot plot plot plot plot."

"Mrs. Pell's frozen peas. Mmph mmph...oh, yes, they're even better when you're dead!"

"Just reach into the TV and pull him out! That's how I met the Fonz!"

"Curse ye, Geraldo, and yer journalistic integrity!"

"If elected, I promise you zombies MORE human flesh! Vote for Duke!"

Wow. That's sad, I don't need the dvd, I just remember everything.

Interviewing whatever Ahnuld clone plays McBain:

"How do you sleep at night?"

"On a large pile of money, surrounded by beautiful women."

"Well, all right then!"

Oh, this is on my musy-buy list.

Orson Welles commercial for Peas:

"...full of sweet green pea-ness..."

It used to be shown here late on Paramount Comedy channel. Very funny stuff...

Is the snack bar still open?

It's Jay Sherman's kid! We're saved!

OK, so I can't think of good ones. Still happy, happy, happy.

The bit where Jay pulls up his shirt, puts a trumpet to his navel, and plays the "Green Hornet" theme still does it for me everytime.

Thanks, Michelle. Another must-have located.

Mr. Finn: That episode is actually from The SImpsons, when Jay went to judge the Springfield Film Festival.

"I didn't ask to be the president of the balloon doggies, the balloon doggies demanded it"
Can't wait for the DVD !