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the itchy and scratchy show

itchy-scratchy.gifThanks for the emails. Here's the status: Benadryl was prescribed for the itching. 50mg a day for two full days, and then back to the Doc on Thursday. I can still take the Wellbutrin and the Paxil, which is a relief, and we are hoping that the itching is one of those temporary side effects that come with so many of these drugs.

The thing about Benadryl - and most over the counter drugs - is that it makes me feel like I'm both drunk and stoned. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I guess I'll just have to suffer through this flashback of beer and bongs while I wait the itching out. Maybe I'll put on some Pink Floyd and go find my copy of Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.

Anyhow, the itching is gone, thought the welts from scratching are still there (and all day I've been singing the line The Itchy and Scratchy Shoooooooow in my head) but at least I can sit still for a while.


DAMN, that's rough.
I send you "get well" vibes....

((get well))

And if you're like me, the benadryl's side effects will only get worse with time.

Forget benadryl, take Loratadin (also known as Alavert, Cleratine (SP?) and others). It doesn't have the side effects.

You might have to take a double dose, though that isn't approved anywhere as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately Claritin doesn't work as well or on as many symptoms as Benadryl (that's what I've been told, at least).

Good luck with the fuzzy-headedness Michele, I hope the symptoms clear soon.

Girl. I am so there with you...


A tea bag bath will help...

I am so sorry...I hope you feel better soon. You're so brave, I'd have been whining all day.

Oye, the itch. SUCK.

Hm. Any time I've gotten itchy while on medication, it meant that I had become allergic to the medication and couldn't take it anymore.

Results of many things are not always immediately apparent. Jumping to conclusions are.

Loratadine is probably not approved for itching, but it works much better on itching than many antihistamines. Benadryl is stronger.

I usually get the sleepys with Benadryl the first day I take it but it gets better on later days. Also the capsules seem to knock me out less than the tablets. I have no idea why.

ahhhh good luck a stoned itcher, this can only be good. can't wait to hear what mess you can get yourself into with doc's notices saying this is acceptable behavior. he he he

Too bad you can rent a motel room and sit under the shower for a week. Great for moist skin!

looks around

Did I just write that?

I had the same response to Wellbutrin. Had to stop taking it permanently.

Good luck!