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tuesday edition of "for your amusement"

Dear George: 60 Brits and Americans write letters to Bush.

I do believe that the letters are fake. However, I bet you guys could come up with your own letters to George in the voice of a famous person.

You know what to do.


Hehe, silly leftwing dingbats.

BTW, are you still doing the Bitchslap Ted Rall thing?

I'm really disappointed in Salam Pax. He's just as whiney as most of the left.

I'm trying to figure out what his point is, after he thanks us for volunteering to clean up the mess that is Iraq and then bitching because it's not happening fast enough.

I don't know, but for someone talking about his home country's rebuilding process, he sure was flippant.

Condescending, too, although there was no lack of that in those "letters."

I don't know if you know Janet Street Porter, but she's one helluva sassy lady. Her motto? Tell it like it is. So let me tell you what it's like being me, right?
--Bel Littlejohn, Columnist

First Bel, tell us why "what it's like being you" should matter to anyone except you.

Dear George:

Just wanted to say thanks for being a risk taker. I think you did your best to figure out if Saddam had WMD but you and your staff either goofed or he got 'em out into Syria before you got there.

Quit searching for them OK, just spend the money you got to fix stuff and set up an interim government. Most of us don't care if you find them anyway, we quit caring after you found all those mass graves and children's prisons.

I think it would be a great idea to set up a TV station in Iraq for Iraqis that could broadcast what is going on. Some of the frustration the people are feeling is that no one will tell them what is going on.

Say Thanks to Tony for us!

Dear George,

Thanks for making me look better and better with every passing day, and helping to boost my speaking fees. Good luck winning your first Presidency!

Bill C.

I have to agree with datarat about Salam Pax. I think his ego is expanding exponentially as he becomes the darling of the peace movement.

That said, check out what Omar has to say about these protests.


Dear Harold Pinter,
What color crayon do you usually use to write these tomes of intellectual superiority and moral smugness?

I'm betting brown. Diaper brown.

Dear George,
Karma's a bitch. We would have more friends if we didn't have so many enemies. Think about it.

My head hurts.
Yours truly,

Dear President Bush,

Kepp kickin' ass and takin' names. We support you 100%.

Always remember, whatever you decide, you are doing the right thing. We elected you to make these tough decisions for us. March on!


Can you change my kepp to keep? Thanks.

Dear Mr. President,

While I resent you eternally for consigning my husband to the ash-heap of being only remembered for deviant orgasm achievement and being bookended by Bushes, you are the only president we have and I support you.

You would think that this is the reason that I am not running for president this year. It isn't. I've decided that it will be fun to watch you annhilate Howard Dean and then have four more years to do to our government what you did to Iraq's. then I'll run.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Un-President Bush,

I WON and you still beat me! You are so going to kick Howard Dean's ass.

Al Gore

Mr. President,

With friends like these, how can I help but get my ass kicked by you?

I hate you,
Howard Dean,MD

Dear President Bush:
It doesn't matter that you were either lying or foolish about that whole WMD thing, and your bald-faced betrayal of the environment is relatively irrelevant, the important thing is that you keep your little weenis in your pants. Keep up the good work.
Kobe Bryant.

I see it's 'Tards on Parade tonight. I mean really, "weenis"? Do you "ca ca" and "pee pee" too, "John"?

Dear Mr. President,

Who wasn't elected by a majority of the people, and I'll keep repeating that lie because it sounds cool and makes me feel good about not tearing off my Nader bumper sticker, although it's really still there because I'm too lazy to take it off, and did you ever notice how removing a bumper sticker leaves that pasty stuff behind on the bumpter, which doesn't come off, even with mineral spirits or alcohol, and speaking of alcohol, boy was I drunk last night, I think because some friends invited me over for a Martin Sheen/Alec Baldwin movie fest, which sucked like a humungous vacuum cleaner, lemme tell ya, although the rest of the cast in The Hunt For Red October was pretty good, including (Republican Senator) Fred Thompson, but actually, I forgot where I was going with this, so I guess I'll just go home and watch Tim Robbins movies on cable (TBS or some such cheap crappy station, of course), and think about how none of those talking heads on the left side of the aisle has a clue about the big picture, and how the deficit or taxing the rich won't mean shit if another US city gets cratered. Huh. Maybe I'm not a leftist any more, after all.

I guess I grew up.

(Former) Lefty Hollywood Weenie

Dear George,
You should really be grateful that you have so many blind supporters who believe everything you say and approve of everything you do as evidenced by most of the letters above.
Be nice to your sheep if you want their continued support.
It's never an easy thing to tell if you actually went to college or not, even though people say you did.
I'm not a lefty or a liberal,(mentioned only because if one doesn't support you, one is labeled such regardless of their actual ideology) but I don't support you much because I don't trust you or your administration. I guess you think everything you do is right and proper too.
Oh well, I guess you are a better choice for that office than any of the dems running against you, but only very marginally.
In 2004, we truly will be voting for the Lesser Of Two Evils.
ps. I supported the Iraq thing, and Afghanistan too. Still doesn't mean I trust you; I think you might be a pathological liar, but then, what president wasn't skilled in the art of Deceit?
It's a requirement, right?

I thought Harold Pinter's letter was absolutely disgusting.

Cucumber sandwiches? Ewww...

For me, Pinter's letter inspired the term "buttknuckle".

I'm guessing the Salam Pax letter was a hoax. Anyone who has read his blog would surely get the feeling that this isn't the same person.

Even if it was him, Salam is sooo mid-2003 already. The bloggers in the new and improved free Iraq are much better & more interesting.

For what it's worth, the letter from Frederick Forsythe is well worth the time to read, as is Austin Bay's column at Strategypage.com, where he compares President Bush and the current environment to what happened 20 years ago with Presidet Reagan and the ss-20 missiles deployed by the Russians.

Same slurs (cowboy, idiot, simpleton, unilateralist), same environment. Some things never change.

My favorite:

Most of the people demonstrating against you will be the latte-rati - people whose experience of oppression is having to wait four hours for the cable guy to come round.
Aaron Barschak

He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.