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reminder: Got It, spend it day is coming!

Friday, November 28th is Buy Nothing Day.

Which means start hoarding your cash now so you can go out that day and make a difference by being a consumer. Remember, I made an anti-holiday last year: If You Got It, Spend It Day.

Support capitalism. And remember, only the Flanders kids should have an imaginary Christmas.


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They're not advertising Buy Nothing Day I hope...because that would be down-right nutty.

This year we’re aiming for a week-long TV campaign in the heart of mass media.

Sounds like they already did their shopping.

No, no, no -- November 28th is MY BIRTHDAY! It's "buy Robyn everything day"! ;-)

Well, I was planning to spend all my cash on November 19, but I'll have to save some for the 28th.

And they call liberals knee jerk. Sheesh.

Got a great idea for Buy Nothing Day? Short on funds to pull it off? No problem. This year, Adbusters is giving away twenty-five $100-$250 awards to help jammers organize and carry out their actions. What are your plans for BND? Click here to learn more.

Man, talk about self-parody! Why would you need funds to "buy nothing"?

(And don't think I'm not tempted to apply for the money and then spend it all on November 28!)

Aw, man, and I just went out and blew three grand on a new television and sound system. You should have told me to wait!

The best I'll be able to do now is buy a 12-pack of Fat Tire, or maybe a shirt.

I think there should be a "Cement America's status as the world's largest nation of Debtors Day".

I always make it a point to go out and buy something, just to spite them. Even though I hate the crowds.

Psssh! I've been observing Buy Nothing Day on the day after Thanksgiving for years -- but the reason I do it is because I don't like crowds.

Of course, I define "crowd" as one or more other persons within ten miles of me...

Shopping online counts!

Get your "Buy Nothing Day" merchandise here.

I can manage Buy Nothing Day. Can any of you experts on these special nonholidays tell me if it's acceptable to handload my own for National Ammo Day? I haven't shot a factory round since Moby Dick was a minnow. I'll load a couple hundred .357 or some .223. That okay?