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Al Sharpton likes to shizzle with spiderman's penis!

According to the Google race, that is.

Go here, type in a keyword, and you'll see how the candidates rank on Google on that particular word/issue.

For instance, type in the word weblogs and you see that, not surprisingly, Dean wins the search race for being mentioned along with weblogs.

Guess who wins the Vietnam race? That's right, everyone's favorite Vietnam vet, John Kerry.

Conspiracy? Al Sharpton is your theorist.

Sex? Sharpton is your man.

Hey, what's the deal with Sharpton? He also wins the penis race. And Spiderman. And Batman. And shizzle!

You'll notice than neither Kerry nor Edwards has ever been associated with the word shizzle. You can cross them off my short list.


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Sharpton also wins with "evil". Dean, surprisingly, is in last with that one.

Wesley Clark is #1 for 'erg'. Not so surprisingly, Sharpton is last for that...

"OS X" gives a #1 for Dean
Dean gets the "geek" award.
But Sharpton is the number one "nerd".
Al Sharption also wins with "Hare Krishna"

My homeboy unsurprisingly wins with "azalea"; North Raleigh is known for having an overabundance of azaleas. Why the hell did John Edwards enter the race?

barbecue: Lieberman (?!)
BBQ: Sharpton
pig-pickin: Edwards (duh)
afternoon tea: Edwards
pork rinds: Sharpton
sweet tea: John Kerry -- NO WAY! No Yankee understands sweet tea!

Al Sharpton wins for "asshat." Very satisfying!

Swerdloff returns Dean. Umm... I need to reivigorate my image.

"Kerry nor Edwards have ever been associated with shizzle"

They have now- just wait until the next time the friendly Googlebot comes by.

Sharpton wins for "cheddar" and "asiago".

I can't decide what this means. My brain hurts.

"Joe Lieberman wins the Groovy award,"
"Al Sharpton wins the Vampires award," but
"Joe Lieberman wins the Vampire award." Odd.
Nobody seems to register for "groovy vampire/s."
Sharpton, Dean, Edwards, and Bush return results for "Count Chocula" (in that order). And Lieberman wins the title for "Vampire Slayer."
Sharpton leads Bush (with no other results) for "Frankenberry."

I think this points to some interesting trends among the segments of the voting population that are undead monsters and/or enjoy sugary cereals.

Huh - Sharpton wins for "Illinois" for some reason. Must be a lot of virulent Illinois commentators - we hate his lying ass here.

Sharpton wins for "Paris Hilton", too. Is there yet another tape?

Haha...go there (yes, I've been doing this ALL FRIGGIN' DAY!) and enter the term "caucasian".

"American University" pulls up Kerry. I'm actually quite surprised, given the heavy Dean presence, Sharpton's visit last month, and the fact that Kucinich's daughter goes here (yes, I see that Kucinich wasn't on the list...oh well).

"fart" has Sharpton as number 1.

But "gas bubble" has Edwards as number 1.