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presuming too much

I never said it was specifically a terrorist attack on American soil I was worried about. I just said something. That sort of leaves it open for a myriad of things. People do love to presume, don't they?

Also, Sage: You didn't really piss me off this morning. But you did now. Not only are you condescending and self-righteous, you are one presumptous little jerk.

Gotta wonder about a person who gives you the "it's really a great world if you just smile" attitude, but then gets off on pissing people off.


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Apparently, zen buddhism removes your ability to differentiate between "too" and "to". On the other hand, so does public school education.

I love you. This is my favorite show. dooomdooomdooomdooomddeeeedooom...

That Sage guy is such a shit. The whole 'panties in a bunch' line just makes him more of shit. I'm glad he's not my Little League coach.

Ooh-rah. Visited the site. Was slammed to the wall by the profundity of the--

Oh wait a minute. No I wasn't.

You know, I think I'll change my name. I'll call myself "Wise One," or maybe "Brainette." Think that'll get me into a Zen mode?

Ah, Hell, Michele. There's always a next bad thing coming. There's always a next good thing coming, too. Ain't like there's a proven plan for getting out of life alive. Plan as best you can for the bad stuff and then hope for the best. Take a week off from the asshats on DU, let somebody else Fisk Rall for awhile.
When the First Marine Division was hanging on to Gualdalcanal by their teeth they were telling jokes and making stills. They took their lumps and the survivors muddled through. Just like we will.

Wow, what an asshat.

Relax, Michelle. I live in Boston (when I am not in Baghdad) and people like this are a dime a dozen.

They always have the right answer for everyone except themselves. Mostly, they're just hypocrites, as he reveals himself to be at almost every turn in his blog. You know the type, "Look at me!!! I'm an iconoclast! I'm unique! Just like the other 8 million people JUST like me!!!"

That whole zen-karma-in-touch-with-the-world-and-myself schtick is just that -- schtick


Blow him off. The rest of the blogosphere does.


looks around, sniffs the air


looks around, sniffs the air

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...what the hell, I'm going to a movie.