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tell Laura i love her

To the pissant little creature who hacked Blogrolling.com so everyone's blogrolls look like someone named Laura has taken over the world:

I have officially declared a blog jihad on you. I will find you (at this time I am giving Laura the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't her and she is just an innocent bystander).

No, it's not exactly messing up my day or ruining my life, it's the principal of the thing!

Ohh...maybe it's subliminal brainwashing, and there's a giant alien queen named Laura and once we all start chanting her name, the big ship will come down and declare that all persons named Laura are invited to take part in the rapture. Except Dr. Laura.


UPDATE: Laura herself did not cause this (nor did I think she did), which is why I didn't even link to her blog. Those of you who are going there and leaving her nasty comments, please stop.

Also, I've been told that this might not be a hack at all, that something might have just gone wrong with the database. So I apologize - especially to Jason and Laura - for my quick rush to judgment.

But I still stand firm on my belief that it very well could be aliens.


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Good... it's not just me. I just emailed blogrolling. Jihad away! :)

I was glad to see that it was EVERYONE'S blogrolls and not just mine. That being the case, I wonder: do we all have the same number of links to laura's blog as we did to other people before?

The easiest way to do something like this seems like it'd be an SQL injection attack, but as easy as those are to do, surely Jason has protected against them. Hmmm... can't wait to hear what he has to say about it.

Yes... the link #s are the same. The titles and links just point to a new place.

Laura's husband now has a post up on her blog telling us we should all be ashamed of ourselves for thinking she did it..

I mean, she was the most likely suspect, but I think I believe her too.. I'm pretty sure before she knew what happened, she was getting hate mail like crazy.. Can you imagine getting hundreds of emails from people you don't know who just want to tell you they hate you? Oh.. Wait.. nevermind.

Glad to see I was not the only one who got hit. Really, don't these people have hobbies?

I hope whomever is responsible rots in hell.

Hack or glitch? Let's wait to hear from the man himself, mmkay?

Yeah, what Seki said. They were going to be doing a server migration at blogrolling.com so it could be something to do with that. Unless someone really dislikes this Laura. What she's got is the equivalent of a DoS attack or being slashdotted...

I am SO annoyed right now.

I think I'd better go get some pie.

It hasn't been a problem on my blog. I moved most of my links off of blogrolling.com when I moved to the new blog manager software. My old blogrolling blogroll comes up blank, but my favorites have been moved to my "real" blogroll.

You're welcome drop by and use my links. ;-)

Riyadh delenda est!

The only thing that, to me, suggests that it's not just a glitch in a server move is that they (should have) known about that right away. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

As for Laura, only a moron would hack blogrolling and replace every link with their own -- I don't think for a second that she's the culprit... although stranger things have happened.

It wasn't even Laura when it first started this morning but something like Tiere. What a way to start a Monday.

Bah. It's either a corrupted SQL database (curse you SQL!) or a totally botched update that went bad. Imagine, a routine that went to put one entry into one field instead put one entry into all fields. Mmm.

I'm sure there's a backup. Let 'em finish his server mirror and then I bet the whole thing will be back up before the day is out.

I hope. I can't remember all my URLs.

Quoting the blogrolling news page:
"Blogrolling has been the victim off a malicious hack in the past 9 hours. The blogroll links have been restored from an offsite backup from Saturday. I'm tracing the cause off this now and the site may go offline at some point today while I make changes and collect evidence."

Still could be the aliens.

First "Adamrolling," now this. You'd think that at some point hackers would figure out that the same joke doesn't get funnier the second time, the third, the fourth, etc.

Then it's a pretty shitty hack attack, too, because all they did was put one link into an infinite loop and feed it out to everyone's blogroll.

C'mon, people, use your heads next time. Most hackers don't leave such a simple trail to their websites. I mean, there are these things called laws that even the stupidest script kiddie knows about. What moron would hack Blogrolling.com and deliberately leave their virtual signature for the Feds to find?

We come in peace!

Go away, naughty aliens. :)

frick. I'm going to bookmark my whole blogroll in case.

It was a hack.
Right before Laura's link appeared there was other text that I don't recall since I saw only one screen but it was typical porno spam but the links were not hot.
Then Laura's link appeared.

Damn that Laura Bush! First, her husband starts wars in the middle east, and now, she is hacking into blogroll. What won't those conservatives stoop to?

Snore, that's the funniest thing I read about the hack. Thanks.