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Sleazebags of the year: infotel

Not only are they scammers of the highest order, but they are trying to sue a blogger who wrote about her troubles with Infotel, which opened up a Pandora's box of similar stories in her comments.

Roundup of links here. Educate yourself and read them all. There's some good info on telemarketing scams and the legal ramifications of blog comments.


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The left and all of its ilk would love to see an end to the information dispersion that is the blogosphere.This is just their first attempt to silence it.

What does this have to do with the left?

I dunno, it certainly sounds like a "left" run company. :)

Yeah, just like Enron... oh, wait a minute...

The only thing "left" about these guys is that their victim in this instance happened to be a right of center blogger, so most of the bloggers who have nailed these guys are right-wing bloggers (though Calpundit is not). That should be changing soon enough.

If by "left" one means "gauche" and "sinister" however...

Or, I suppose, "not right." BTW, now that Atrios has picked it up, some of his commenters are trying to make it a left/right issue, too, in the opposite direction.

To me, this issue is as apolitical as it gets.

For what it's worth, their website is largely in French. Read into it what you will.

Oh, and Matt: Not sure what that Enron crack was supposed to mean. I don't think there was anything overtly partisan about the company (though one must note that Paul Krugman was a paid advisor for them). If one wants to use Enron for political/partisan advantage, one should keep in mind that everything Enron did was happening on Clinton's watch. On Bush's watch, they got caught at it.

Infotel is Just One of Many "Companies" who Do This Scam
You can learn more about them by visiting Scamfighters Tips. This might be the largest industry in Montreal for all we know.