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five second movie review

Interstate 60: See it.

It's got Gary Oldman (a/k/a World's Greatest Actor). And it's got the original Pink Power Ranger (remember Kimberly?) and she's like....a whore. And that's just wrong. But the movie itself is sort of like Wizard of Oz and Donnie Darko and a couple of purple microdots of mescaline all mixed together in a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Trust me.


The Pink Power Ranger was pretty hot.

Just don't mistake it for Track 29, also starring Gary Oldman and Christopher Lloyd. Blech.

"and she's like....a whore. And that's just wrong."

you're hilarious.

And well, Gary Oldman is kinda sexy...so you've sold me on going to see it.

Gotta love Netflix...
I just clicked and queued at your bequest.
Gary Oldman...

aaah.. so nice to see someone else who thinks Gary Oldman is THE MAN in the acting world.

You mean he's played something other than bad guys in cheesy space movies like The Fifth Element and Lost (don't we wish?) in Space?

<not sure whether to duck, but well prepared to run>

Do you not know of the talents of Gary Oldman? Shame on you, Mr. McGhee! Go rent True Romance or Leon at once!

Yeah, and if that doesn't convince you, buy the 6-DVD special edition of "Lost in Space" with 17 hours of bonus footage!

Hey, every good actor has that one movie they wish they turned down.

We shall not speak of Lost in Space again on this website. Those who do risk being banned for life.

I'll risk it! Oldman's performance in Lost in Space was terrific. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie was horrible, and his effort was wasted.