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were you not listening the first time?

Yes, I'm talking to you. Stop emailing me. No, not Jenn. The whole lot of you. I said I was going to continue with the best albums of the 90's thing tomorrow (and continue for as long as it takes). Scroll down for today's take - I covered 13 albums today. That's nothing. Just a drop in the water. A grain of sand on the beach. A...nevermind.

If you have an album that you would include in the best of the 90's that you are so passionate about that you would send me five emails imploring me not to leave it out, even though this is my best of the 90's and not yours, just write up a little blurb yourself and I'll be glad to post it. Yes, I am accepting guest posts for this little project of mine. The email is over there, on the right. And I'll still accept gentle prods and reminders, in the comments.

[My daughter made it home from DC safe and sound, by the way. Three cheers for the bus driver!]


I hope your precious daughter stayed away from those Kennedy's. The newer-model ones are even more dangerously inbred than the originals. You should be concerned about any female under the age of consent sharing any city with Robert Byrd.

The man is legendary for his meth-fuelled, three day benders with pre-pubescent girls. There's a story of his depravity involving a gallon of gin, a broken chair and a three week supply of Viagra that keeps most Canadians from venturing south of Philadelphia.

Sure, it's not actually true and I've been successfully sued for slander, oh....must be eight times now, but it's still a great story. Of course, I have my own blog for that ugliness.

Jeez, Mark. And people have thought all this time the reason I'm not in Congress is that no one would ever vote for me (except maybe Marty). In fact, it's because I don't want Mark making up untrue but perfectly plausible rumors about me.

Yeh, that's the ticket.

Michele: glad she made it home ok!

McGehee: who said you had to be in Congress? I'm sure Mark can make up rumours about you even now...

Even without me being in D.C.? Boy howdy, where do I sign up?