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jenn, jenn, jenn

Anyone get this email today?


I saw your email on your blog ..cool stuff.

I'm just surfing around trying to meet new people, so hi!.

Check out more about me at my blog


Email me soon, and say hello!


Hey Jenn, if you are reading this I'd like to share something with you.

Five emails with the same form letter in each of them to each of my email addresses is not going to get you anywhere. In fact, you're really annoying the piss out of me.

Step off, girl.

Update: Bill got it, too and we both fell for her little scam. Hence, I have removed her URL.


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I got it too -- thanks for posting this. :)

I didn't get one, but it was sent it to a friend of mine who comments on my blog.

Oh, good lord, Michele, I posted her damned mail, too. I think we're the goofuses here. She's getting what she wants - at least two of the bigger blogs going have given her linkage....

How come all the cool kids get all the good emails? pout

Great. Now someone's compiling spamlists for just bloggers.

The only reason why telemarketing and spamming works is because people actually buy the services offered. Hopefully, nobody will be as stupid to buy a product off of the blo-


Um. Nevermind.

I got it too, although it was at an email that is in no way associated with my site (it's actually at a different domain).

Gee, if everyone else got it I guess I'm not really all that special....

I got it, too. Then again, you know my attitude toward email which explains why I haven't answered her yet.

I don't even have a blog and I got her email, same one! Wondered what it was she was responding to?

Brian and I both got it. It was a dinner topic last evening.


I got it on my yahoo.au email, and got taken in as well, though got corrected by a reader of mine before too many others saw it. Instant delete. Oh well. shrug


I think I've got it now.

Any email you get that uses the word "hi!" is probably lame spam.

Apparently she wants to be my friend too.

I've been routinely spamfiltering messages with the word "hi" all by itself in the subject line. So maybe I've been getting a bunch of these and never knew it.

Guess that also means anyone I don't know who has wanted to send me a legitimate e-mail and used "hi" as the subject, has been hosed. Oh well.

Yup, I got it at all my blog-related addresses within a few minutes of each other. At least it's nice of them to hit me more than once so I can tell it is spam without having to click on anything.

Yeah, but does "Jenn" have nudie pics on her site?

I don't respond anymore to emails which ask me to visit their site. Most turn out to be porno or huckster sites. Don't mind the porno, but the sales pitches are boring.

Hey.. I didn't get it either.. What's up Jenn? You don't want me to throw my 12 hits a day your direction? Snobbish spam.. What's next? The Salvation Army won't let me donate because they see my car? "Really, sir. We saw that '95 Corolla you drove up in. Just keep your 80 cents. We don't need it that bad." My feelings are hurt.

I got it, too. And I have no relevant traffic (which is why I wasn't as suspicious)!

Did she just email everyone in the Blogosphere Ecosystem or something?

I got it too.

I got it also.
The exact same thing.

I got one , too...and I dont have a blog tho I do comment on them from time to time. And the address she used is one I ONLY use for blog comments.

I'm wondering how much bigger a sucker I could be..I got it too. And blogrolled her too.
thanks for the heads up, I removed her too.
I feel so dirty!!!!!

Got it too. Went to the site. She's a little girl messing around. I guess what she did worked for her! Oh well.

I got it too. I thought I was special and that she wanted to have my babies...
grumble wouldn't be the first time grumble

Me too!

Same exact e-mail. At least, I am assuming you substituted the URL.

I got it 4 times.... I blocked the URL in my spam software AND MT-Blacklist... the bitch.

Mutter mutter mutter got it, too mutter mutter mutter ...

Darn it...she tricked me! Then again, how unimportant would I feel if I didn't get a "Jenn" alert?