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best albums of the 90's: i bet you thought i'd hate these

[for those just joining us, I'm boycotting the news today and doing nothing but my favorite albums of the 90's. It starts down there somewhere]

a/k/a If it's not their first album, it's crap!

ratm.jpgRage Againt the Machine - Rage Against the Machine (1992) The first band to successfully merge rap and metal. This album kicked my ass the first time I heard it. It was fresh, exciting and made my pulse quicken. Driving on the Long Island Expressway with Bombtrack screaming from the speakers - pure rush. Everything after this album Sucked with a capital S. Classic case of people taking themselves too seriously.

lb3.jpgLimp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill Y'all (1997) I can almost hear the collective clunk as you all drop to the floor in a dead faint. Limp Bizkit? Don't you hate them? Don't you wish bad things to happen to Fred Durst? Well, yes and yes. But this was before Durst slipped into asshole mode and before LB became a favorite of 12 year old rebellious white boys everywhere.

Forget the stilted remake of Faith. That's not what 3 Dollar Bill is about. Skip right over it. Hit Stuck or Sour or Nobody Loves Me instead. Pure adrenaline. This wasn't so much rap-metal as it was "holy shit, I am really pissed off at the world" metal. Before Durst realized he could sell a million records by dumbing it down the simple phrase break stuff, he wrote some scathing lyrics. Too bad about the rest of the albums.

cc1.jpgCoal Chamber - Coal Chamber (1997) From the very first notes of Loco, I was hooked on this album. Yea, Dez sounds like a strung out version of Cookie Monster when he sings, but, again, this is adrenaline rock. Pure power and fury. Bass lines that will make your stomach drop. No big profound statements in the lyrics - in fact they are pretty stupid at times. But it's sure a hell of a lot of fun to drink Mountain Dew slurpees topped off with tequila and sing along to Big Truck and Sway. Pass on the rest of the catalog. The Cookie Monster/Scary Rock schtick gets old after a while.


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coal chamber! man, that was such a good first album. too bad the rest of their stuff sucked.

sway is one of the best workout songs ever.

"The first band to successfully merge rap and metal."

It's a physical impossibility to successfully merge rap with anything else, Michele. ;-)

Big Truck, fuckin a right! Now that's a song that will kick you squaw in the nutz.

Never topped that one.


The first to merge rap with metal? I think that dubious honor should go to Anthrax.

Jason - you are absolutely correct.


Holy Crap Michele! I know you're all about Mike Patton, but listen to FNM's Introduce Yourself a few more times, and while not nearly as heavy as any Rage, that's one hard ass funk and rap filled metal album if I ever heard one.

Maybe light metal, but fluid as hell.

Not to fan the flames or anything, but you've gotta give it up for Prong on the whole early rap/metal front too ...

Actually, I'm an idiot. I meant Biohazard. Just had Prong on the brain for some reason.