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I've got a sick kid to take care of.

Meanwhile, discuss - Did video really kill the radio star?


Could be....although for some reason I thought it was O.J. Wasn't the Radio Star moonlighting at Mezzaluna?

I always get confused with these things.

Good luck with the sick kid tending

It was the mob's CIA double agent on the grassy knoll.

When's the last time MTV of VH1 played any music worth listening to?

Val, I think the answer to your question is July, '81.

Hope the kid is feeling better soon. Take care.

First video I ever saw was The Police "Walking on the Moon". Pretty much just a band doing a song video but I fell truely, madly, deeply in love with Stewart Copeland and was stuck on vids forever.

Well, it certainly killed the careers of Air Supply and Christopher Cross.

"Music videos" are evil -- plain & simple. Music should be a purely aural experience - and the pleasure derived from enjoying music is diluted by "watching" it.

Do you all hate me now?

I believe you should definitely hear and listen to the music first and get to know it before you see someone else's visual interpretation. Just like reading the book before you see the movie. But I think they are separate art forms.

And the only thing anyone hates around here is The Ten Commandments :)

No, but Internet killed the video star.


The record industry and manufactured pop "stars" killed the radio star.

Music should be a purely aural experience

Oh, I dunno. Part of the enjoyment of live music is watching as well as listening -- assuming there aren't fireworks and lasers and the nightclub being burned down...

MCGEHEE, you need to check out Rammstein!