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best albums of the 90's, Faith No More style

I may as well get the Faith No More out of the way.

ad.jpg aoty.jpg kfad.jpg

Three FNM albums (and for this specific list I am not including live or “best of” compilations, nor Eps) came out in the 90's: Angel Dust, King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetimeand Album of the Year. You would probably be hard pressed to find a person who isn’t a hardcore FNM fan who would include KFAD (1992) in their best of the 90's list; I think it’s an acquired taste and one has to be able to recognize the genius of Mike Patton in order to really appreciate KFAD. Best song: Gentle Art of Making Enemies, of course.

If I had to make a list of my favorite albums ever, in order of preference, Angel Dust (1995)would be in the top five - maybe even the first. Patton is all over the place on this one, from screaming (Caffeine) to melodic (A Small Victory). The lyrics are as intense as the music - AD is filled with angst and anger and wistfulness. From beginning to end, a complete masterpiece, a work of art, a....you get the picture.

Album of the Year (1997) was a bit of a departure from the metal-tinged riffs and underlying creepiness of AD. Part rocker, part melancholy lounge singer material, AD is FNM’s tightest album. The band sounds whole, Patton’s voice is at is its best, and the lyrics and music blend so perfectly it could bring one to tears. Really. Stop looking at me like that. Just listen to Helpless or Paths of Glory or Ashes to Ashes.

Ok, that’s five albums down and about one hundred to go.

[Off topic, thecomments in this thread are cracking me up.]


Don't forget Garbage 2.0 or Surfacing by Sarah McLachlan.

I'm telling you... CLEARLY the best.
Das Schutzenfest is a hit.

Ok Pietro, I'll give you that one. Let's Lynch the Landlord is a great reason to own that EP as well.

U2's Achtung Baby gets my vote.

fnm. absolutely!

Angel Dust was released in 1992, not 95.
King for a Day was released in 1995, not 92.

Otherwise, what you said.

Oops, there goes my dyslexic tendencies again.