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best album's of the 90's

[See here for reference and Dean for original impetus]

I'm going to do these two at a time, all day and night if I have to (hey, I do have a job to do here). It's going to help me keep my vow to stay away from the news and Ted Rall today.

I think the best way to do this is in a "no particular order" way, so as not to open myself up to an avalanche of emails and comments disputing my ranking of one album over another.

Let us begin.

Pearl Jam - Ten
(1991) One of the hallmarks of a great album is the ability to listen to it from beginning to end, without skipping a song. Ten is one of those albums. Alive (which, coincidentally, just came on the Winamp) and Black are masterpieces of subtlety. While it's hard to understand exactly what Vedder is singing sometimes, there is no denying his emotion. Favorite song: Porch.

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (1991) Before SuperUnkown and mega-popularity came Badmotorfinger. This the best Soundgarden album. Don't let anyone tell you different. Evidence: Rusty Cage. Outshined. Jesus Christ Pose. Searching With My Good Eye Closed. And, the piece de resitance, Drawing Flies, which is possibly the best driving song ever. The hell with the "grunge" sound. This was rock and roll.


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I gotta disagree with the Pearl Jam one.

If you had a roommate and that CD was the ONLY one he possesed and he listened to it all day every day with the headphones off and volume cranked up as loud as possible.......

you'd be ready to murder the whole damn band.

Badmotorfinger isn't Soundgarden's best album, but it's definitely the best they did in the 90s. And I'm going to have Drawing Flies stuck in my head all day now.

And I think I might have been Mayor Jimmy's roommate...

I have to agree on both points. Coincidentally, these are the only two CD's I own by those two bands.... I've heard the rest, but I don't like them.

Both of those albums were essential for DJing in the early/mid 90's. Both are now very dusty in my collection, and will probably remain that way. I'm a child of the 80s.

Robert Smith, will you please release something new?


Robert Smith, will you please release something new?

So we can watch another video of him in a "Barney Wannabe" suit? :-)

That sound garden album kicked ass. Good picks.

Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire

When I first heard 'Bulls on Parade', I thought the Beastie Boys had gone metal. It still blows me away.


Not unless you went to the Air Force Academy MAX.