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sometimes you just have to say

What the fuck??

How soon before Dwight Gooden and Steve Howe return?


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Return? Gooden is already there. He's a pitching coach in the Yankees minor league system.

Ah, since George returned from the second ban from baseball, he's been running some version of Boys' Town up in the Bronx. George always said there would be a home for Darryl in the organization when he cleaned up his act. I hope he's clean and sober and this is the start of a good thing.

I didn't even realize Darryl was out of jail. I hope he's getting his life straightened out, but I'm not sure going right back into baseball is a good thing. The fact that he had to violate his probation umpteen times before being sent to jail was indicative of a desperate, almost comical cry for help after a life full of people letting him slide by and avoid the consequences of his actions. From the interviews I read, it was clear that Darryl knew how badly he had messed things up. He sounded like a completely broken man. I really hope the time in jail helped him - in spite of his self-destructiveness he seems like a very decent guy. I'm just not sure that going back into baseball and to the Yankees is the best thing for him right now...

Did I ever tell you the story of how I got a double off of Steve Howe? It's my only sports story. and if it were not for a discipline problem that caused the coach to send him to the JV for two games it would not have been possible.

I wonder exactly what the discipline problem was?

ahhhhhh... steve howe!!!!!! I wanted to marry that man.