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please, no.

Jeff Jarvis writes the words I never want to hear: Billy O'Reilly in '08.

I get a headache just thinking about it. Who do you think his running mate would be? Perhaps Ann Coulter? Sean Hannity? Himself?


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And people think the melt-down/foot-in-mouth problem is an issue with Dean... there's no way O'Reilly has the temperment to survive a political campaign.

Unless he's running against Al Franken, in which case they're bound to attack each other again, which would be so funny I'd almost be willing to see it happen.


The idea would be grand in my opinion. Perhaps he could persuade the verbose Mr. Arnold S. from California to be his running mate. No, that will not do... Or better yet, since his writing is utter prolix, the man called Dick, Morris that is, would provide a "balanced" look to the ticket.


O'Reilly is obnoxious, but from time to time he manages to redeem himself (somewhat). Lately he has taken up the cause of Lt. Col. Allen West, the American patriot who is under the gun for his method of interrogating terrorist. Anyway.

He's way too intense. He'd have a heart attack.

His campaign slogan would have to be Flatline in '08...

Anyone who thinks Bill O'Reilly would ever run for political office obviously doesn't now the slightest thing about him.

People are so fickle.

He'll be running mate to Charles Montgomery Burns

Yikes, that is a scary thought.

O'Reilly? Oh really? No, really?

I hope it's Coulter. That way the entire nation will see what a raving lunatic she is. The entire Vice-Presidential debate would consist of "Liberals are only interested in receiving blowjobs in the Oval Office."

No -- he'd be more comfortable with Triumph, who did, after all, trounce Kerry in the Burbank primary.

No -- he'd be more comfortable with Triumph, who did, after all, trounce Kerry in the Burbank primary.

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