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Sometime within the past month, my local public access channel started showing Democracy Now! meetings.

The other night I had the pleasure of watching Mr. Chomsky in action.

Now tonight I have to make a tough decision: I've got Dick Durbin on CSpan 2, saying the same things over and over or I've got Ramsey Clark on public access.

Gotta love cable tv.


But now Mitch McConnell is on and he sounds JUST LIKE Jimmy Stewart! This is too good..........

Or you could just poke your eye out with a fork. It would be less painful.

So you were having trouble sleeping, then? Good idea. I'll go watch CSPAN for a while.

So when are they going to televise their Medal of Honor ceremony for Ted Rall?

completely unrelated, but as a fellow zimmy fan i must point this out to you: Which Zim Character Are You?

Dick Durbin. he's not a nut, and he's a nice guy who went to my high school.

Man, if I was really drinking during that Boxer speech, I'd be out cold.