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when i say fili, you say buster!

I'm getting giddy already. Don't forget the filibuster drinking game. Matt has added some rules. Including one about Bill Frist pissing on Tom Daschle (see comments here for reference).

Break out the popcorn, it's party time.


You know, not having a television and all but unlimited DSL....
I am actually appreciating C-Span 2 online!
I decided I had to put at least a couple of beers in me to just head start, though.
I can't wait to tune in tomorrow and see if ANYone, not just Byrd can be coherent then..........

That bit from August J. in the earlier filibuster post about killing them all with sticks caught my eye. So who else is with us? Or perhaps more appropriately, who isn't with us? ;-)