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Mepham update: juveniles

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that the three Mepham football players who sexually assualted three teammates will be tried as juveniles, not adults.

At a lengthy hearing today, the judge heard from the victims, their parents, one of the coaches, teachers and other football players who witnessed the attacks.

Instead of facing 10-20 years in prison for their crimes, the players - if found guilty - will face either probation or youth camp.

Probation would not be good enough for these kids, just for the main reason that they will end up back in the same town as their victims, which would just make them victims all over again, in a way. How would you like to live, work and play among people who were convicted of raping you?

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Not necessarily. What are they being charged with? The teen who assaulted Sebastian is in jail for 1 year and on probation for 5 for the broken arm. These kids committed sex crimes, they may be in for awhile and be on prob for a long fucking time.

This is ****ing sick. They need to cane the life out of these bastards but instead good old American Justice is going to set the little ****s free so they can go and brutalize more people.
Somebody take a rifle and drop that ****ing judge.

Kat -
I dunno bout you, but had my son been raped with a broomstick while his so-called friends stood by and did nothing, juvie and then probation would be little comfort to me. Juvie might not be summer camp, but it isn't prison either. What these animals (calling them kids or teenagers is an insult to actual kids and teenagers) did merits a long long stay in prison at the very least.

What amazes me is that at the same time folks are debating wether or not we should be punishing these animals - under the principle of 'boys will be boys' - there are kids in other schools being arrested and expelled for bringing nail clippers to school. Where the hell is zero tolerance in this case?

This isn't the school trying them, it's the courts. I asked what they are being charged with. The teen who broke my sons arm was charged with criminal child abuse. We have to see what they are being charged with. Rape is a much bigger deal than a broken arm so their punishment may be much more substantial. The teen who broke my sons arm spent 3 months in juvy before he turned 18. The rest of his sentence is being carried out in prison. These are seniors right? They will be turning 18 very soon, probably before or during trial. They will not go to juvy if they are 18. They will be in prison like the teen in my case.

This is a complete travesty of justice.

This is such a disgrace. The only hope for the victims is a good civil lawyer that ruins both the school "professionals" involved and the families of the football players. If the courts want to treat the accused rapists like kids, make their parents work the rest of the their lives for the victims. It doesn't make the victims whole but it is a start.

And the coaches - well, I'm hoping their careers are done. Any school board that hires them from here out knows what they're getting - a set of blind eyes for the bullies. See how the distict's insurance rates tolerate that.

If this were Europe, the citizens of Mepham could form their own splinter political party.
Vote for the Rape By Instrumentation ticket in 2004!

This is absolutely disgraceful. Somebody needs to clean up our justice system.

Ya know Mara, this is one case where a civil suit is simply not enough. Not matter what they are charged with (Kat), they will will still be tried in the juvie system and will not receive the punishment they deserve for their heinous crimes.

I understand that Faith but like the teen in my case, prison is going to show them a whole new world. They may end up getting what they dished out. From what I understand about the teen in my case, prison hasn't been such a nice time for the cute little thing that he is. 3 fights and a very hard time. ;)

This is absolutely appalling and alas not surprising. As someone said above: a travesty of justice.

Kat -
No the school isn't trying the students, but why the hell weren't they expelled immediately? These days, kids get expelled for a whole hell of a lot less than anal rape.

The judge has barred those involved from discussing the proceedings, and while the article Michelle linked to states that they were charged with several felonies, it also states that since they are being tried as juveniles, there is no mandatory sentence they must serve, and it's possible they'll get off with no more than probation.

The beast who broke your son's arm may be where he belongs, but the attitude of a lot of those involved in the Meepham case makes me think that it won't be the same for these animals. I hope to hell I'm wrong.

I'm so angry I can barely see.

Except for their parents, the 3 that were abused have been failed by every person and instution they've come in contact with in the wake of this horror. And remember, at first they didn't want to turn to anyone (under threat of further abuse, no doubt).

The abusers - still in school, still taunting and threatening.
Their fellow football players egged on the abusers.
Their fellow classmates - 'broomstick boy' and '
football fag'. And 'we're the real victims here, because we can't play football.'
The coaches 'didn't hear what was going on', and 'shouldn't be responsible for what happened in another building'. And best of all 'we shouldn't lose our jobs'.
The principal? Nothing - after he actually warned one of these bastards before the camp, he starts a half-assed investigation only when the heat gets turned up.
The administration - has to decide whether or not to suspend the coaches. Nice message to the 3 victims.
A group of teachers at Mepham - support the coaches.
The PA justice system - we'll try them as juveniles (so this was nothing more than a kids' prank?).

What a perfect f*****g way to send a message that you can avoid responsibility for your actions, and that all of these institutions (and your parents, family and friends) will help and enable you.

I sure wish the names, street and e-mail addresses and phone numbers of these 3 bastards and as many of their family members as possible get leaked out, if they haven't already been. Then they can find out what people really think of them. Of course, anyone who tries "will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

May the civil suit force these families to go to their 3rd and 4th cousins back in the old country to pay off the judgement.

I could go on, but I'm too pissed.


One law for jocks and another one for everyone else? Anyone still wonder why Columbine happened?

One law for jocks and another one for everyone else? Anyone still wonder why Columbine happened?

Amen Andrew!
WG: I agree. I think there are certain situations, this included, in which the public should be given the names of the criminals for it's own protection (gotta make it sound legit). There was a case here in Denver in which to worthless pieces of crap thought it would be "cool" to light a cat on fire with lighter fluid and watch it burn to death. They got tried as juveniles, and will be out in no time to do it again. The neighborhoods in which they live deserve to know where they are, just like sex offenders are tracked.

That's something else there... if they're tried and convicted as juveniles, do sex-offender registration laws apply to them? Or will their cases be sealed by the courts, the matter expunged from their records once they reach adulthood, and be able to go on their merry way? I shudder to think that years down the line one of these beasts might end up as a football coach at another high school.


These guys are sex offenders too, for what they did. And everyone else is aiding and abetting. Unfortunately, so is that judge in PA.


"One law for jocks and another one for everyone else? Anyone still wonder why Columbine happened?"

Or, does anyone wonder why vigilantism still exists?

Perhaps the best way to find out the identity of these dirtbags is to get a copy of a football program for any game involving Mepham. Then, have someone find out who is still in school and who has been out for a length of time. The latter are the criminals.

Or, just treat all Mepham HS football players as the scum that they are. Same goes for the parents of said scum.

Tom, the football season was cancelled.

Also, I don't think this scenario applies strictly to jocks. I'll address that later.

Here are PA laws governing juvenile dispositions, if you're interested:


Scroll down for Sections 6352 through 6355, for the ones as they relate to juvenile offenders.

they probably won't see any time, being tried as juveniles. I wish they would. I almost wish they'd go to prison, and that every single person there knew what they'd done. That would probably be appropriate punishment for them.

The judge who says these perps are juveniles is named Robert J. Conway, and his contact information is here: http://www.co.wayne.pa.us/common_pleas.asp

Call his office and give him an earfull. Or even better, pay him a personal visit.

Also, apparently the father of one of the perps killed himself. (story here: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime_file/story/124391p-111657c.html)

It doesn't say suicide, but certainly sounds that way. I looked up some obits for Nov 9, but couldn't match the names.

im odd yes but the whole thing with buttraping...is seriously gross
sometimes if you think about it why would a guy want to do that to another guy,...
its totally wrong...
i think the jocks should be hanged or disfigured like the juveniles in the 18th century...
i told you i was odd...._

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or in smaller words
dumb s^&%(judge) is saying that he is one of those smart people from harvord where they are stuck up a$$holes who only have money but no brains
and in other words:
It was based on a national survey of hundreds of juvenile defender offices and court-appointed counsel, site views to a variety of jurisdictions, interviews with people working in the field, client interviews, and an extensive literature search. Findings include:

 Significant numbers of youth appear in juvenile court without lawyers;
 55 percent of public defenders stay less than 24 months as juveniles defenders;
 juvenile defenders, on average, carry staggering caseloads-more 500 cases per year- resulting in inadequate representation of juveniles accused of crimes;
 appeals are rarely taken; and
 37 percent of public defender offices surveyed do not have a budget for lawyers to attend training programs.

Juveniles perpetrated 137,000 more violent crimes in 1994 than they did in 1985, and were responsible for 26 percent of the growth in violent crime during that period, including 48 percent of the increase in rapes and 35 percent of the increase in murders. In 1995, we had a record 1.7 million “delinquency” cases. In 1996, 2,172 juveniles were arrested for murder, up from 1,860 in 1980, but down from the 1993 peak of 3,790. Since 1996, juvenile violent-crime rates have been falling fast, but serious youth crime remains above its 1960 level.

juvenile courts handeled 1.8 million delinquncy cases in 1998-about the same as in 1997

theres my points-happy to express the smart side of my small mind

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