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must see tv

Nastier than Survivor. More amusing than Punk'd. More name-calling than Real World.

Get your popcorn ready kids. Tonight begins the Senate Death Match. Someday you will be able to tell your grandkids about the Great Filibuster of '03.

Am I the only fillibuster junkie around here?

Update: Join the filibuster drinking game! I can't drink, so I'll substitute ice cream for shots.


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I almost had to roll on the floor laughing when one Democrat said that Bush nominated Janice Brown just because she was black and female.

It's strange, because I thought Democrats supported affirmative action.

I'm a junkie.

Pass the needle, I mean remote.

The best part of that article is at the end:

But if they fall asleep or stop paying attention, Santorum said the GOP will immediately confirm the nominees. In turn, Daschle said if Republicans stop paying attention, they would immediately pass Democratic legislation like a bill to raise the minimum wage or one to create a tax credit to stimulate creation of manufacturing jobs.

Isn't it comforting to know that our democratic process sometimes boils down to which old fart can stay awake longest?

This whole "Democrats blocking Republican judges" myth amuses me. As the NYT pointed out on Monday:

Conservative activists have been demanding that Senate Republicans do more to push through the Bush administration's most extreme judicial nominees. . . . Lost amid the grandstanding about a "crisis" in judicial nominations are the facts: 168 Bush nominees have been confirmed and only four rejected, a far better percentage than for President Bill Clinton.

Bush administration nominees have been moving through the Senate at a rapid clip: in his first three years in office, President Bush has gotten more judges confirmed than President Ronald Reagan did in his first four. When Republicans controlled the Senate, more than 60 Clinton administration judicial candidates were blocked.

Kind of puts a different perspective on it, eh?

Sorry - both of those paragraphs should be italicized, ending with "were blocked."

It's a good idea, but ya gotta have some GOP shot-triggers in there. At the very least, one shot for every Repub. utterance of the words "unprecedented obstruction"...

I'd love to participate but I have to wokr the next day. Cant afford to be so damn hungover.

These comments made me sad that I might have missed something really fun. Although I love you idea about substituting ice cream for shots. It makes me think of all the fun things I could make with that. Especially since I am surrounded by ice cream lovers. ;)

I'm a filibuster junkie with an odd quandry....I'm Canadian. We don't get Fox News here, let alone CSPAN. But I get so deperate for details that I have an ex-girlfriend in California telephone me and hold the phone to her telephone. I then relay the information to my family and friends with some "special" details thrown in.
For example, most Canadians now believe that Robert Byrd (D-WV) actually loves fillibusters as they are another means of fufilling his "catheter fetish."

Opps, I meant "hold her telephone to the televison."

I beg your forgiveness.

Cranky men taking shifts to complain about an issue about .05% of the country cares about will not constitute "The Great Filibuster of '03."

I want cots. I want psychological inflictions like dimming the lights and turning off the air conditioning and Daschle having an aide feed "Karn Evil 9" through the PA system behind Frist's desk while people are forced to piss in buckets as an intern from Georgetown holding it gets miss-splatter and thinks "this is a learning experience!"

And then, 30 hours later, they vote for a pay raise. And we kill them all with sticks.

Gah. Now I'm probably going to have some weird dream about Frist pissing on Daschle.

I want to see buckets of high caffein drinks and the doors to the bathrooms to be locked.

Then we will see some dancing of a non-political kind.

See my comments on my website, but yep, it's a mad house in DC tonite. The kiddies are in bed, I haven't sworn off beer, and I'm watching the thing.

As to the idea that .o5% of the public care about this issue, you could be right, but I doubt it. Conservatives have been pissed about this for the last year. They may be small, but hardly .o5%. The Republicans have nothing to lose by doing this. The Democrats, however, do in moderate to conservative states. It's a roll of the dice. We'll see how it plays. Great political fun, eh?

But given that the last presidential election was decided with less that 50% of the electorate, I think, even voting, the little numbers begin to matter. And a big FYI to the Republicans, Arlen Spector has the level of boredom and delivery of Mr. Rogers in public speaking. The hook, please.

Darn, I forgot. Did I miss any good recipes?