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is the left really that humorless

In regards to the emails and comments (here and on other blogs) about the post below and my fear of my daughter being "indoctrinated" by lefties while she's in DC this week:


Either you people are completely devoid of the ability to laugh, or my satire skills have gone downhill. Hell, I was satirizing right wingers, Fox and The Corner more than I was making fun of lefties.

Try reading it again, and this time hold your knee so it doesn't jerk so much. I'm not into that whole extremist thing (left and right) of forcing your kids to believe your own ideology.

And if my daughter does come home in a Dean for President t-shirt, I might still blame Oliver (it's that cackling laugh), but I'll love her just the same.


Blame Oliver!

It can be your new jack-booted Nazi slogan! :)

And now you have been exposed to those wonderfully psychotic commenters on Oliver's site. Even when he is having a moderate day, they do their best to drag him back over to the far reaches of left-land.

People who have no sense of humor are dangerous - regardless of what their specific politics are.

What's kinda scary is how many of them are out there...

Minorities are getting killed at a much higher rate than their population in this oil seize. We demand that more whites get put out there so their numbers catch up and we get equal results.

Because of this this is a racist, fascist, Nazi colonization.

Yea, heard you the first time you made that idiotic comment, JL. Chill out, dude.

Making The Children watch Fox News or any other Hate Mongers is a Hate Crime!

ROFL! You mean some people took that seriously and got all offended? Next thing ya know, some folks'll be claiming that Kim du Toit's rant was promoting dorm rape and sexism. ;]p~~

[Don't shoot - just twitting you, Michelle g]

As a 'liberal for Michele', I'd like to officially note that I found the original post gigglably funny.

As a "Liberal for Michele dittohead" I'd like to say "me, too!"

I wish I could find the column from a Saudi Newspaper talking about how anyone who lives in the west will find that his children are enemies (of Islam I guess) because they won't consider all westerners to be the enemy. Sort of like your joke but unparodiable (is that a word?).