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keep your damn, dirty, liberal hands off of her!

No time to blog. I'm too busy freaking out over my daughter leaving for her school trip to DC in the morning.

I'm not worried about the usual things like her getting lost or a terrorist attack happening while she's there.

I am worried about the bus trip - I have this fear of bad bus drivers who don't pay attention to the road or go too fast (and as a side note, this same school had a field trip to Montreal in 1991, and the bus overturned, killing two students. But I will.not.think.about.that.) and I know I'll be calling the school hotline every half hour to see if the teachers have checked in with a message that our kids are fine thank you, you don't have to call so often.

And what if my daughter and her classmates are visiting war memorials and the like and some left wing protesters start trailing them and maybe try to indoctrinate them? What if they slip subversive propaganda into the kids' backpacks? Oh jesus, what if Nat calls home to say she's joined ANSWER?!?

I'll end up on some talk show pleading with others to watch out when they send their kids on school trips to the nation's capitol...

This can happen to you, too! My daughter was a staunch Bush supporter and then...then...(insert sobbing here)...they got her. She was just minding her own business at the Lincoln Memorial and they just ganged up on her, started pummeling her with flyers and posters, whispering anti-Bush slogans in her ear...(sob)...and before she even had a chance to resist they had her brainwashed and entrenched in their cult. It took three straight weeks of watching Fox News and reading The Corner before the effects started to wear off.

You think this is a joke? I bet you any amount of money that Oliver Willis once took a field trip to D.C.

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy lives. Trust no one under 30.

Ok, ok. I'll stop. We have to be at the school at 6am anyhow. I'm going to bed to have nightmares about bad bus drivers.


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Don't worry too much, Michele. I've lived here for well over a year and haven't become a liberal yet.

I have the same fears about bus drivers and my twins. I know it's a slim chance that something will happen. They just harp on the bad things in the press.

Ahhh...dreaming about bad bus drivers assumes that there are good ones.

As a person who has had one bus driver run over my cat and another sternly tell me not to get any blood on the seats after a teacher thoughtfully deposited me there for the 45 minute ride home immediately after I had my front four teeth violently removed from my head, (an accident, not a fight) I believe that there is a fine line between bus drivers and Kathy Bates character in Misery.

I'd put her on the train.

Ahem. Us over-50 lefties may still have some energy too, ya know. ;)

What Bush actually said when he took oath:

I swear to Thee, Adolph Hitler,
As Fuhrer and Chancellor of the German Reich,
Loyalty and Bravery.
I Vow to Thee and to the superiors
Whom Thou shalt appoint
Obedience unto Death,
So help me God

-Schutzstaffel Oath

Shall be a sweet day when Bush is out of office. On a side note do you think they brought old Paul back from Iraq to celebrate how well it's going in Iraq?

88 isn't even responding to.


Who is the "Paul" you're talking about, couldn't be Ambassador Bremer because no one calls him "Paul". L. Paul Bremer is referred to by a different name to those who know him; Trivia question to the left wing trolls:

1) What do friends of Ambassador Bremer call him?
2) And much harder, why?

Oops, I gotta proofread.. 88 isn't even WORTH responding to!!

Trivia contest still holds... Michele gets something from her wishlist if no one gets BOTH answers

Sweetie... Kevin from Wizbang lives within spitting distance. You want I should send him to watch over your girl?

I'm two hours away. Shall I get in the car? Hop on the train? Meet your daughter's class? What's their schedule? I'm free tomorrow and Thursday.

Lotsa bloggers in Northern VA. James Joyner, the guy who stopped blogging but who promised me lunch in the Congressional cafeteria (yes, really), bunches more.

Shall we call on the blogs?

Meryl makes a good point; lots of bloggers in NoVa should give you some comfort about your daughter's environment when in DC (Just make sure she doesn't go north of the White House). If she was in the Norfolk area, however, I'd worry.

She right, guys, and none of you have a chance. I had just ONE dinner with Ted Rall in '01 and now I JUST CAN'T STOP WEBLOGGING.

(Rolls eyes)

What did Rall eat, I mean, besides a tall glass of bile and his customary plate of gristle?

Michele.....don't forget your frets about the road trip with Natalie's g'parents! It went just fine, right?

Bremer is called Jerry. I haven't come across any (credible) source that says exactly why, but I'm guessing it's because his first name is Lewis.

Rall had time to eat? According to that sign on here, I thought he would be too busy blowing Satan.

88's contribution has to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen in the blogosphere.

Bush=Hitler??? You disgust. If this was remotely true, your ass would be in jail at best, 6 feet under at worst.

Grow a brain.


Damn, that was funny. Thanks, Michele!

But was it really funny, Joseph? Or were you just being facetious like the rest of the humorless souls who now think I'm brainwashing my daughter?

No, I really did think it was funny - I just had this vision in my head of sobbing women on "The View," with a little sign underneath saying "Daughter Entrapped By Liberal Cult." Granted, I havea warped sense of humor, but I thought it was funny as hell.

My apologies if it sounded facetious.

Much funnier than that troll and his brain fart.