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the drill

I spent a good portion of this afternoon in the dentist's chair. He turned the sweet air way up, gave me the headphones and proceeded to finish up my root canal.

I discovered two things while sitting there:

The White Stripes don't sound so bad when you're high as a kite.
The new Offspring would sound bad no matter how high you are.

Well, I discovered many other things, like nerves take a long time to respond to novacaine. But you don't want to hear about that.

Please don't forget to see my list in the post below of all the blogging vets (I'm still adding to the list) and, if you have a chance, go over to their blogs and say thank you.

And maybe someone can show that list to Tom Tomorrow - apparently he doesn't realize how many "warbloggers" are actually war vets or enlisted men and women.


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A dentist on a holiday?I`ve never heard of such a creature.

I'll proudly cop to being an armchair generalist. Tom, like Rush, outranks me; they are both Ubergeneralists.

While they may instigate some collateral damage, one hopes that it is an an "irreducible non-tactical result yield."

LT-Smash is on the case.


Perfect day for a dentist story... So:

Unlike the civilian world military dentists don't use general anesthetic to remove wisdom teeth (Not sure what they do now, but 20 years ago, they couldn't take the chance that you'd have a impacted wisdom teeth problem out at sea, or in a remote area). Like you the novacaine didn't "work" the first time and had to be re-applied.

It was then I noticed the dentist's glasses: they looked like reading glasses except that the lens were about 2-3 inches away from his face. This allowed me, based on the dentist's lighting, a perfect reflection of the inside of my mouth...

First extraction was slightly bloody, but uneventful. The opposite side was not.

I see him pulling with his "pliers" and then... The tooth shatters, enamel, tooth, blood, everywhere in my mouth. His response? "Oops". "Ooth"!, I said, "Ooth?". At that point I couldn't watch anymore... and, of course, he successfully extracted the remains of the tooth.

Bottom line, Michele, it could have been worse.(Not that it makes you feel any better)

what a completely unfunny title on that one.

I missed it; I was out restocking the Chee-Tos depository.