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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is the greatest comedian on the planet.


Absolutely!The dog rules.

And he probably thinks Ted Rall writes the greatest stuff in the world...for him to poop on.

Michele is the greatest blogger in the world... for me to poop on!


who is a huge Triumph fan

even better than Carrot Top?? Come on now... be serious.

I'm agreein' with you, Michele. I can't listen to him without howling.

Oh, I had to say it.

I always try not to laugh at Triumph - and I always fail.

The one where Triumph is at the line for Episode 2. comedy don't get much better than that. even star wars fans had to laugh.

To a Darth Vader in said line, re his chest plate:

"Hey, which button do you push to call your parents for a ride home?"