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Mepham update

This will probably be my last post about the Mepham hazing.

When I first started covering the story, I did not only because it was of local interest to me, but also because I felt it was a story that needed to be told.

As time went on, the story grew legs and it was suddenly everywhere, even on 20/20.

Several people emailed today to tell me that Drudge had a little blurb on it as well. Once something hits Drudge, it's no longer a story without coverage. So unless I get any more inside information from my sources inside Mepham, I probably won't be covering this as extensively as I have the past two months.

I'm glad that so many people seemed interested in a very local story; hazing - especially hazing that involves such criminal acts - is something that needs to be addressed in every school, at every level. But the underlying stories are even more important - how failure to make children own up to their actions and how a community can become so torn apart because of misplaces priorities. The whole saga is pretty much a case study in what is wrong with most of the current generation of parents and the future leaders that they are raising.

You can read all of the Mepham stories I wrote here.


As we say down here, you done good. This was a story that needed telling, and you've done a better job of grasping the bigger issues than a lot of so-called professional journalists who have covered it.

Lex is right - job well done.

Probably one of the most worthwhile series of postings you have done since the inception of the blog. It needed to be told and I was happy to desceminate the story to a wider audience. Beware the wrath of Michele is all I got to say!

Thank you Michelle so very much for your coverage of this story, and my apologies for not saying so sooner.