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here but busy

Been out all day standing in line at the middle school, waiting to talk to Natalie's various teachers. Parent-Teacher conferences at that school are an exercise in tedium and frustration. Three hours of standing in lines to talk to five teachers for two minutes each.

I need to renew my energy. Unfortunately, my three year old nephew is here for a visit.

Back later on. And what, nobody liked my novel-lenghth post about Ethan Allen? Sheesh, you people are hard to please.


Ethan Allen ...good choice. From a brief review of his paper from your link, it would be an interesting conversation. Anyway, much more creative a choice than most. Why pick someon like Reagan, when there are so many interesting individuals about whom much less is publicly available.

I would have picked Galileo... but, of course, he also had a few difficulties with established religion.

What's next, dinner with Ikea?

I loathe standing in line all day for anything - you have my sincere sympathies...

I seem to remember reading that Ethan Allen would have sold out the revolution if the British had given him the land that today makes up a lot of Vermont and New Hampshire. I'm not trying to be revisionist or muck raking, I'm just wondering if anyone else has read anything along those lines? Also, I have to agree with the person who picked Ben Franklin.

Was just reading down the page about the PUNK box set. WTF? I agree, some of that stuff isn't punk. I was glad to see stuff by The Stranglers (oh, drinking in Mexico and listening to The Stranglers!) and even The Stooges, but no Sexpistols... And what's with the new wave stuff? Looks like a great box set anyway.

At our middle school we have ten-minute conferences assigned also for parents to speak to five team teachers.

'Cept no lines here. We have an EGG TIMER that goes off to indicate when there are 15 seconds left. Hence, every parent gets in when he/she is supposed to.

Harsh, but gets the job done. Hell, even Presidential candidates get a warning bell when it's time to shut up during a debate.


I just meant that I couldn't take lay down and read. You always tell me, "oh, he's ready to take a nap" when you drop him off, but he spends two hours running around my house at the speed of light.

At least he's entertaining.