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stalker, troll or just a bad speller with an attitude problem?

Ah, I remember the good old days when people would hate me through email. Seems like just yesterday. Well, it was yesterday, but that's another story. This week, I'm being hated through the comments in Bill's blog.

See, Bill dedicates a post to me every Friday, in the hopes that I will link him and send some traffic his way, so more people can read his obnoxious meanderings. Bill may be rude and condescending at times but you can't deny the guy is funny. Plus, I like his wife.

Unfortunately, one of Bill's readers just doesn't like me. I think the new blogads on my site really threw him for a loop. Either that or he went off his meds and stopped seeing his doctor.

I made the mistake of responding to him the first time and it just escalated from there. However, it is a good source of amusement, so I've reprinted the whole thing (minus some non sequiter comments by others) below.

I did not have to justify myself to him, but I did anyhow, just to goad him into answering me again. I also emailed my last response to him. We'll see how that goes.

I have no problem with someone taking issue with my ads or my donate button or whatnot. But if you're going to do it, try to make it in complete sentences that are understandable to most English speaking people. And try not to be such a dick about it, forcing me to be a dick right back to you, k?

Where's are the ad's on your site like Michele has. Between the cyberbegging, "donate" button and blog ads I almost feel like I using "netzero" when Im there...yuck

Posted by Jim at November 7, 2003 02:47 PM

Here's an idea, Jim: Don't go there.

Also, that would be "ads" because it is plural and not "ad's" as it is not possessiv in this instance.

Also, "where's" does not make sense in the context in which you wrote it.

Also, kiss my ass.

Posted by michele at November 7, 2003 04:53 PM

You correct me and you cant even spell possessive...jackass

stop being a sell out. Heres a idea..get a free blog save the cash on bandwidth and buy things without begging for them....What do you think you are a commerical site or something? Right wing sell out maybe but nothing more.

Posted by jim at November 7, 2003 05:29 PM

He corrects her and he can't even spell cant... jackass


Posted by matt at November 7, 2003 06:32 PM

Shut it Matt. Why don't you go buy Michele something off her wish list

Posted by Mike at November 7, 2003 07:08 PM

Shut up, Mike. Why don't you go buy ME something off MY wishlist.

Posted by bobbybrady at November 7, 2003 10:28 PM

Sorry. Thought's here being nothing more then a middle age suburbian sell out got the best of me.

Posted by Jim at November 8, 2003 09:06 AM

Big difference between a typo and bad grammar and spelling, Jim.

Also, this sentence: "Thought's here being nothing more then a middle age suburbian sell out got the best of me" makes absolutely no sense.

Would it be better if I were a middle aged urban sell out?

I would take this up with you in a private email, but I see you are too cowardly to leave a real email address.

Hey, I just made $50 from my website while typing this reply to you. That's $50 more dollars than you made while amusing me with your bad grammar.

Posted by michele at November 8, 2003 02:41 PM

Not a problem email address there. Though I do fear you posting with my email address so that all your follows can email me on how mean and cruel I am calling you a two bit cyberbegger.

While my spelling and grammer suffer when I write I usualy have my admin. asst. clean it up for me. Similar I guess to what your Judge uses you for when your not goofing off at work on the web (Which I beleive you indicated your not even suppose to have access too anyway)but I could be wrong...Back to my principle thought which are this:

You are simply a sellout who choices to use your blog to:

1. Run polls on how people would feel if you sold out and do it anyway.

2. Seem to enjoy using blog entries to thank "annoymous people" for buying you gifts off your wish list.

3. Post ad's on your site and then turn around and ask people to donate money to you. I equivilate that to CBS running commercials and then asking people to send donations in.

4. Complain on how your tired of all the bashing of the left and right then launch attacks on a regular bases on individuals like Ted Rail. Has Ted Rail ever even visited your blog?

Prehaps if your blog was of a commerical type then I could see it. But it is a "personal blog" (as you indicated in the newsday article a few weeks ago) so you have become just another cyberbegger looking for handouts.

As far as making money off begging ( i.e. your $50.00) I guess if I wanted too I could ask for handouts but since I am fairly well off with my job and good at budgeting my money there is no need for me to hit people up for donations.

But regardless I do hope you declare all your income from it to the I.R.S.

Posted by Jim at November 8, 2003 04:21 PM

Ah, Jim. I sense some bitterness on your part.

You seem to know an awful lot about me and my blog for a person who claims to hate going to my website.

I just figure that I put a lot of work into my blog and my posts so if people want to donate something to me, why not? In fact, I make it a habit to donate to other bloggers on a regular basis.

I guess you, with your nice salary and administrative assistant who covers up your ignorance of the English language for you doesn't quite grasp the concept of earning a little extra spending money. And I've already checked with my accountant. Contrary to what you seem to think, I don't get nearly enough in donations to claim any of it as an income.

But hey, have a nice weekend, Jim. Maybe you could spend a little time figuring out why you are so obsessed with hating someone you don't know. It seems kind of...creepy.

Posted by michele at November 8, 2003 09:04 PM

Ah Michelle. Last time I checked all income had to be reported to the I.R.S. I guess I could be wrong on that but I guess I can ask my CPA that on Monday

I notice you fail to address most of my the points of my arguement. I expected that since most of them were on point your wouldn't. I also did supply with my email address so you could "Address me via email" but as usual say one thing do another.

Prehaps while dealing with obsessions you could reflect on yours towards Mr. Rail and tell me how yours towards him would not be "creepy".

Anyway will pick this up again sometime. I'm sure you have some more cyber whoring to do. Of course If you stopped "donating to other sites" (::cough bullshit::) you could afford your precious little trinkets. Alas that would be too easy.

Posted by Jim at November 9, 2003 12:34 AM

Ok, Jim. I'll deal with you once more, and I will also send this in email.

A) What is your deal? Who are you and why do you hold such a grudge against me?

B) I am not so much obsessed with Ted Rall (not Rail) as I am with his insistence on getting the fact wrong.

C) As far as you calling bullshit on me donating to other weblogs, I can provide you with proof if you would like, if for no other reason than to shut you up.

D) As far as my being a cyberwhore: In addition to raising funds for my own selfish reasons, as you imply, I have also raised funds for the Daniel Pearl Foundation, raised enough money to send a platoon of IDF soldiers pizza for Hannakuh, raised (with two other webloggers) thousands of dollars in donations for Magen David Adom. I also started Trooptrax, which sends cds, books and other supplies to our troops overseas, and I've worked on Operation Give, which helps sends toys to children in Iraq.
I've helped out countless webloggers who needed their stories told in order to raise funds for an emergency, and I pay for hosting and domain registration for two popular weblogs which will remain unamed, just out of the goodness of my heart.

E) Donations aren't income. They are gifts.

So, Jim - if people want to buy me a DVD or throw me ten bucks for the enjoyment they get from reading my weblog, I really don't have a problem taking it, because I'm one of those people who gives back.

What have you done lately, Jim? I mean, besides destroy the English language in your posts?

(Bill, I think I will take this argument over to my own site, so as not to waste your bandwidth)

Posted by michele at November 9, 2003 04:44

And that's where we last left off. I eagerly await his reply.


I think he just showed up at my blog, Michelle. If his IP address starts with 24.190 (and no return e-mail), he left a rude message about my blog about an hour ago, on a post about John Edwards. I guess he likes Ted Rall and John Edwards, and hates free enterprise. No big surprise, eh?

Hey -- my first troll!! I'm so proud. [sniff]

Your trolls write back? Mine never do. I feel so left out.

It never fails to crack me up when people feel the need to tell you how to run your own place. Get your own blog you control freak!

When I get some cash flow, I think I'm going to advertise here just to piss Jim off.

Cyberstalker? That is too strange. I use a pseudonym when I post but my email is available to anyone. Good luck Michele with this miscreant, maybe his boss caught him wasting time when he should have been handing out burgers at the drive through. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I'm going through something similiar on my site since I said, "Want to help out with my $5K in medical bills? Feel free." If you don't like it, don't donate. I just can't figure out what the big deal is.

I've decided to donate again, just because it pisses people off... and people like that NEED to be pissed off.

Has anyone seen "Jim" and Ted Rall in the same place at the same time? I'm just wondering. Maybe he draws as poorly as he spells.


You sell-out cyber whore!

There, I had to say it. Now...how do I go about getting people to donate to me, and give me adspace so I can make money?

Jim needs to figure out that his little world is exempt of such elements as intelligence.



and in case no one "got it" that last post was with sarcasm /on.

Jim is just jealous that he can neither attract readership to his leftie, third grade reading and spelling-level blog. As a result he has to go out and attempt through horrible sentence structure, grammar, and spelling, to take down a great blogger like Michele.

He is a nasty little toad (no disrespect meant for toads).


I don't get the problem this guy has...so you ask for a gift or donation. Its not as though you restrict your blog to paying customers..if I choose not to donate or whatever, I can just not look at the ads/gift buttons. Some people get mad at the strangest things.


Feel free to donate to my site. I promise not to get angry.

Jim sounds like he belongs to the same school of thought that believes that free speech rights extend to blogs and forums....he's got a RIGHT to say what he wants, dammit.

What a maroon.

Damn. I hate it when people with my name make an asshole out of themselves. I'll have to rely on my ability to spell and use relatively proper grammar to set me apart from this troll.

I loved that part about the assistant. "It's okay if I'm wetahded. My assistant's usually fixe's my bad grammer's."

"Prehaps" was perhaps his instance of poor spelling which I enjoyed the most.

The guy obviously needs a nice big slice of pie.

While my spelling and grammer suffer when I write I usualy have my admin. asst. clean it up for me. Similar I guess to what your Judge uses you for when your not goofing off at work on the web (Which I beleive you indicated your not even suppose to have access too anyway)

That is funny in so many ways, especially the part in parens. He even spelled "grammer" wrong.

Anybody else think his "admin. asst." is his Mom?

I agree with the previous Jim.... I hate it when assholes with my name spew putrid, rancid roachturds.

For the record, it was NOT me. I'd have left both my e-mail AND url, with the hopes of attracting some traffic!

I notice that "other Jim" hasn't replied..... apparently he's afraid of you using his "comments" (notice the quotes, since they aren't really comments, but roachturds) in context and in sequence... maybe he's seen the light and realizes how much of an idiot he sounds like?? I doubt it, but maybe.

My favorite had to be "equivilate". THAT is hilarious.

You go girl! I think he's speechless, but mostly because he couldn't understand half of what you said. HAHA

Jim wrote:Damn. I hate it when people with my name make an asshole out of themselves.

Me too.

Heh. I love people who shoot their mouth off without thinking first. Gifts up to $10,000 are not taxable as income.

It's my feeling that people who insist that all true art is "noncommercial" are of the private opinion that in practice, they couldn't GIVE it away even given a critical toilet paper shortage.

Generally they are entirely correct.

Speaking of linkwhoring - here's some great topica items courtesy of, well, ME! :)

iEspell - an Explorer browser helper that spellchecks text entry boxes. Keeps me from looking like an utter dork every day.

...at least in regards to spelling...

And then there's my own, special Internet charity, intended to preserve my habitat. :>

And finally - since this is something anyone can click a link and find out - anyone using blogads can hand out free ones. I enrolled so that I could track the traffic I throw out, share the love and, way down the list, maybe make ten bucks.

Advertising space on my site is intended to promote the folks who take the time out of their busy lives to post something interesting. So far, that's mostly me, but I live in hope.

And in service to that, here's my "rate card."

Oh, and I feature stuff I've made that I'm proud of. Is the occasional latte' too much to ask?

Until my traffic gets over 1500 uniques a day, there's no way in hell it's going to pay running ads. The banner rotaters and blogads are a way of pointing out things I want call attention to, another form of content.

Oh, and of course, as a libertarian, I'm naturally opposed to DotCommunism in all it's various forms.

ARGH! and I failed to spellcheck!

Ask me how much I miss blogging right now. ;-) You go get 'im girl!


Anyone want to bet his good job is high school Engrish teacher? ;]