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i'll see you on the dark side of the moon

The pictures don't exactly do justice to what the eclipse really looked like. I'm sure most of you saw it yourselves anyhow.

By the time the moon was just a big, red circle in the sky, I was officially too cold to stay outside any longer.

[I put them in extended entry for you dial-up folks]



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Very Nice!!! What part of the country are you in? I can't see the moon tonight for Atlanta is under a cloud bank.

I'm in New York. Nice and clear here.

Ok, for once you've made me wish that I didn't live in Hawai'i. Our moonrise is due at 5:52, and the eclipse will have passed long before then. Pooh.

Nice shots. Clear and cold here in northern Il. Took my better half and 2 of 3 boys out to see it...we caught a blood red moon with a white stocking at the bottom. But the cold drove the kids inside and as they did watch the last eclipse in all its glory...we called it a night moon wise.

Hey, Were you looking out MY window? Great pics. Wish I'd thought to take the camera out with me.

If you like those, enjoy these as well (and as did Michele).

I was ready, with my camera, except it was cloudy here in Missouri.

We had the most amazing view! We almost missed it because I forgot. We were heading to a friend's improv show on West 29th St. So, as we turned a corner we got a huge view of the top part of the Empire State Building looming over us. Just a little to the right was the moon in almost full eclipse. The combination was incredible -- the ES building has copper around its windows and the moon was copper colored. I don't know if the ES was perfectly complementing the moon or if it was the other way around. Either way, the combination was quite simply stunning and awe-inspiring! A truly great moment.

Nice documentation of the eclipse progress. I spent half the evening freezing my fingers off to catch it on film. Hope to have a print ready later this week of a multiple exposure with 15 tiny moons slipping gradually into shadow.

great pictures, We watched the whole thing as well, but I didn't think my camera would do that well, so didn't attempt the pix. nice work.

Thanks for the pics! We were totally clouded in here in Chicago.