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Your dirty little Prince wanna grind

What's all this stuff about Prince being gay? Who cares? I mean, are we not progressive enough a society where we can just appreciate a musician for his talents and not care about his sexual inclinations?

For god's sake, people - the man wore purple! And frilly sleeves! Why is this rumor coming out now, when his career is all but over? Unless, of course, it's a plot by his label to get him in the news again before he releases an album of Jehova's Witness spoken word musings.

Ohhhh...you mean that prince!



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Why do you continue to be a registered Republican and yet have never voted for a Republican president (Yeah that Nader would REALLY have saved us all post-Sept. 11, by forcing the airlines to create indestructible airliners?).

Just get it over with and register as an Indepenent. As you said so yourself, you only vote based on YOUR needs, not the country's. Being an independent is as selfish as you can get. Screw what might affect everyone else in this country as long as you can satisfy your twisted political ideals with an appropriately nutty candidate. I don't think I saw a Pro-Guns for Gay men who adopt bi-racial children with learning disabilities so you might have trouble next November.

Is there a problem with that prince being gay, or probably more accurately bisexual? Or maybe he was just experimenting or maybe it's all a pack of lies. Just don't write things that make images appear in my mind of him having sex with anyone, male or female. K?

Neo, what the fuck are you talking about? Keep to the topic at hand, k?

That was awfully random, wasn't it?


hmm. I don't get the gay vibe off Prince of Wales or Prince.

Prince is effeminate but that's not the same thing.

Why do you have to talk so dirty? Do you think it's cool? Or what?

you're a smart, articulate woman who usually expresses opinions very clearly. I don't understand your eager willingness to use such profane language.

Can you explain it for me? Without being rude, please.

Yea, Beth. I'm 41 and I have this great desire to be cool. I hope I get accepted into the cool crowd now.

Seriously, I just have a filthy mouth. Been a life long affliction of mine.

The thing that worries me, if I were to worry about such things, is his Jehovah's Witnessing habits. Actually the part that's worrisome is how Black Voices saya he was infuriating Jewish people. No Jewish people said they were infuriated, but way to promote the whole enmity.

I thought your post was damn funny, Michele. Beth, lighten up, babe!

Feh. Mormons piss off the Jews far more than Jehovah's Witnesses do. Mormons are baptizing Holocaust victims posthumously.

Michele, if you really want a laugh, go hit the Google News collection of Prince Charles stories and try to find ANYTHING that remotely hints what the hell the allegations are. I mean, you know it's about sex, and you think it has to do with a guy, but you can't figure out what's what.

Thanks so much, Matt Drudge, for filling in my need for gutter rumors.

If he were, he'd be upholding a royal family tradition.

As it is, I'm betting this is just the result of the press collectively thinking "Hey, we haven't had a big royal shakeup since Di died. What if we..."

Yeah, Michele, what the fuck is wrong with you, swearing like that?


This is your space, Michele. If you want to use it profanely, we are welcome to go fuck ourselves if that bothers us. You happen to entertain us, but that's purely a side benefit and you have no obligation to alter what you want to say to what you think you should say in order to keep us happy. Us being the people who read your page.... Hell, I'm not making a lot of sense here. parse it as you would....

Damnit, I hate when Beths give Beths a bad rep. :-)

"...the man wore purple! And frilly sleeves!"

That got a laugh out of me.

I think of Prince as a guy who took so much acid that he hallucinated a new alphabet for his name. He probably thought his "formerly known as symbol" was written in some secret elf language or something.

(Meryl: my point was not that JWs piss off Jews. It's that Black Voices says Prince as a JW pisses off Jews, and that such a statement is inflammatory in context.)

Poop. So there!

Jessica, I thought they just used that family as an example. I didn't get the feeling they were trying to foment the black/Jewish divide any more than has already been done.

Then again, two people can read the exact same words two different ways. Different strokes, and all. Whatchoo talkin' about?


I'd like to see anyone in the Royal Family write anything as cool/dirty as "Let's Pretend We're Married."

That was sheer fucking poetry.

ooh. I wonder if that's Acidman's Annoying Beth. Sure looks like her. The proverbial sticky booger on the end of your finger.