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oddly enough!

Palestinian Authority funds go to militants

The Palestinian Authority, headed by Yasser Arafat, is paying members of a Palestinian militant organisation which has been responsible for carrying out suicide attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, a BBC investigation has found.

Are you as shocked as I am?

[that is to say, not at all]


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Damn straight I'm shocked. I mean, to think that the BBC would actually reveal this fact is amazing. Shocking. Maybe the Beeb isn't totally useless.

i sooo hate being right
all the ^%#&* time
of course
for all the lovely anti-semites out there
they'll just call this
israeli propaganda i suppose
but the bbc
not exactly a pal of israel
thats gotta sink in
at least a little
i hope

Now maybe the Israelis will put the ole P.O.S. out his misery.

The Beeb has basically discovered for itself what the IDF has been saying for nearly two years now. During Operation Defensive Shield in April '02, the IDF uncovered caches of documents proving Arafat's direct connection to the terror groups. I guess, however, that in the BBC's eyes this constituted nothing more than Zionist propaganda.

So it's nice to see that they've verified the story independently.

Even nicer was the piece on 60 Minutes about how Arafat funnels millions of dollars to his much-hated wife Suha, who has been hiding out in France since the intifada started.