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kiss the cook

[I suppose this could be a continuation of the whole manly man thing]

Did you know that today is Men Make Dinner Day?

Yep, the first Thursday of every November, you get that "one guaranteed meal cooked by the man of the house one day of the year."

Well, my husband cooks almost every day. It's not that I don't enjoy cooking - I do. But my husband runs his own business out of our home and he's more than willing to stop his work at about 5pm and get dinner ready while I'm battling traffic and picking up kids. Plus, he's a fabulous cook.

My father is a gourmet cook. Ten course meals served on fine china, foods with names I can't pronounce, desserts that look like art. Plus, he would probably starve if he waited for my mother to cook [remember Frankeweenie?].

So, for some of us, this day is business as usual. I guess we'll just do our celebrating on March 14th: Steak and Blowjob Day. At least then, we both get to benefit.


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My wife never cooks. She doesn't dare touch the utensils. As Glenn has just mentioned, cookware is just another type of tool... hands off my tools!

OH MY, that is great, we share cooking, so no treat in that, what a riot about 3-14 tho... :0)

We share the cooking in the sense that she makes the vegetarian meals and I make the meals with meat and other tasty stuff in them.

Though those Boca burgers are pretty good...

14th March, that's my wifes birthday. I can see it being Steak and Furburger day in our house.

I do about 80% of the cooking, my wife the other 20%. And I'm definitely going to teach my son how to cook. As Stephen Green has noted in his upcoming book title, it's a great way to get ... ummmmm... get on a woman's good side ...

To paraphrase a Roy Liechtenstein painting:

"Oh, My God! I forgot to get married!"

so no man-cooked dinner for me, I guess. (I suppose I could drive around until I find a restaurant with a male cook, but somehow it's not the same when you have to pay for it.)

This doesn't seem fair - I'm sure my wife would love it if I did the cooking tonight, but I get BJ's a lot more than once a year (thank goodness) and I don't even like steak. Isn't there a special day for us pussified, steak-eschewing men?

Does the fact that I cook tonight mean that I DONT get a bj for it? Cause if that's the case, it'll be a No. 12 with a quart of special fried rice and an eggroll.

I enjoyed last March 14. It was celebrated in style! Hurray for that holiday, and Talk Like a Pirate Day (in which we saw Pirates of the Carribean again and then stumbled around waving our fingers like hooks).

I see Blogads are up and running

My wife tried pulling that one on me today so I talked her into going out for Mexican. Viva the allure of Taxi Margaritas! (I do cook sometimes, but tonight I am beat from drawing)

My father did most of the cooking when I was a kid; my mother had been the youngest of three sisters, and never really learned to cook that well. Of course, that meant a lot of "man food" -- steaks on the grill, ribs on the grill, hamburgers on the grill, beef stew, pork chops, spaghetti with meat sauce... Damn, I'm hungry.

I have to cook for myself everyday. No big whoop.

Let me add "Big Whup" to the chorus. Not only do I cook, I cook good. But if I'd known of the occasion, I MIGHT just have taken action on my occasional threat to serve LUNCH in my wife's staff room on linen and china, with napkins and silver.

She turns white when I threaten to do that. :)

Tonight's menu: lightly grilled new york steak smothered in mushrooms and onions, baked potatos stuffed with chives, saurkraut and salad dressing,
veggie, WHAT veggie? Didn't you hear me mention chives?

I do over half the cooking in our house. Yeah, I tend to like to use the grill -- even in winter. However, I do make a great casserole and have always gotten compliments on my Cashew Chicken.

Hey, Rich, did we marry the same girl? My wife's birthday is also March 14. However, I'll probably not get the Steak and Furburger I crave.

Real men cook. At least in the house I grew up in. Both my stepfather and my brother are the cooks in the house--little brother went to culinary school and dad runs a catering service. My mother's a good cook, but Dad is better, more creative. And he likes cooking more than she does.

Every day is Men Make Dinner Day at our house. Probably because of the rampant homosexuality.

That said, I made spaghetti and meatballs for Fred last night. At his request. He LOVES spaghetti. Who am I to deny my honey his favorite meals?