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you don't say?

[In my best imitation of James Taranto]

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Dernell Stenson was found dead early Wednesday on a residential street after he was shot and apparently run over in a Phoenix suburb, police said.

Chandler police said the death was being treated as a homicide.


Oddly enough!

Yeah, I don't know how many times I've been shot and then run over by my own pesky little SUV. Sure, they're great for hauling and towing, but you have to treat 'em right or they'll turn on you...

I saw that Baseball Musings referred to him as being "violently killed." Ya think?

Perhaps, "Police suspect foul play," was deemed as to close to a bad pun.

I've been wondering something all day. When you get dragged to death, what do you actually die of? Bludgeoning? Bleeding out? Broken neck?

Yeah, I know it's morbid, but I have the feeling I'm not the only one wondering. Forgive me if it's too far off-topic...

Well, I suppose he could have been shot accidentally when the shooter was aiming at something or someone else, and then when he fell down in the street a random, completely innocent SUV driver who couldn't see him, just happened to run over him ..... (though isn't that still a form of homicide, even if it isn't intentional?)

Maybe shot himself and runover himself. And...

Foul play? Do I have to explain it?