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for the record

Just because I vehemently disagree with Kim and Connie Du Toit on the issue of what makes a man a man does not mean I don't like them. Both Mr. and Mrs. Du Toit have been nothing but nice to me since we've been reading each other's blogs. In fact, Connie has offered me some wonderful advice in the past, and she's always been spot on. They are both good people; smart, generous and empathetic.

We just happen to have different views on this subject. That's what makes the world go 'round, eh?


Very true

As mad as that rant made me, it doesn't change my view of Kim with regards to other things like guns, terrorism, war, or anything else.

But when it comes to this, well...

Anyway, you're absolutely right.

I mean, look at you and I on the school lunch issue?

Jeez :-)

fight! fight! fight!

oh, sorrry... :0)

[kicks Dave in the ass]

What!? Are you kidding? You disagreed! The gloves are off now! Go! Fight! Kill!

...blogger death match... that's what we really need.

Thanks for stating your position on the du Toit's. As I said in an earlyer comment, I may not agree with them at all times, but I like them both.

I must say, that entire essay made me want to retch. Badly. I'm completely with you on this one. I never read their blogs, because it was my sense they were not my cup of tea -- and this just confirms it.

Kim du Toit does not think rape and binge drinking are justified just because society punishes males for normal male behavior. I have not asked him. I just know this because I am not stupid. Let's cut him some slack. Before he shoots us.

The essay infuriated a lot of liberal man-hating twits, and for that reason alone, it is a Good Thing.

I thought the whole discourse was quite interesting. Interesting indeed!

I thought - "oh, and he fancies himself an 'anti-idotarian' too. Pot, kettle, blog."

Mind you, I've known and liked many idiots. Conversely, I've respected tremendously the wisdom of those that on a personal level, made me wish to disembowl slowly with a particularly blunt spoon.

Of both populatons, I think the population was about equally devided politically.

But since I know neither of them, I don't have to waste space worrying about whether I should continue to do so.